10 Reasons Gay Camping Is Loads Of Fun!

gay camping

Gay camping is a blast!

If you’ve never been gay camping, you’re really missing out. That’s because camping offers a unique opportunity to bond with your friends while becoming one with nature!

As a couple, I've going camping with my man for years. In fact, we make a point of doing it each season. It’s always a lot of fun. We hang out around the campfire, tell stories with friends and hike into the woods!

Gay Camping – For Real?

What’s interesting is how many people think gay people don’t like to camp. That’s likely the result of long held stereotypes, coupled with silly assumptions about gay men.

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Here’s the thing – camping is a big deal within gaydom – like huge! This is particularly the case for same sex couples and gay men who identify as bears.

While it’s true that traditional camping and “gay camping” differ because of the glamping factor, the core essentials are the same. It’s about being outdoors and enjoying the magic of nature.

What follows are 10 reasons you should go on a gay camping trip. We’ve included suggestions for places to stay along the way. At the end, we’ve tossed in a poll – plus some gay camping resources.

Check this out!

handsome man camping tent
You could meet your next boyfriend!

1. You could meet someone new

Probably one of the biggest reasons you should go on a gay camping trip – at least once – is to meet someone new. The truth is, lots of single men head to RV parks with their friends just to chill.

When you think about it, nature is the best place to meet a guy. That’s because when he’s in the woods, he’s far away from his familiar environment. Free of distractions, you’ll get an eagle eye view of his true essence.

2. Leave body image issues at home

Can we be candid? When a group of gay men get together in most settings, it can activate personal body image issues. That may suck but it’s true.

But when you go gay camping, it’s really not that big of a deal. That’s because the guys you’ll meet are from all different age groups and body sizes.

We’re talking bears and furry otters, wolves and daddies!

Even for guys with serious body image issues, gay camping has a way of making those inner demons go away.

glamping camping
When is the last time you went fishing?

3. Up your man skills

We live in a world that’s reliant upon technology. If we’re not texting on our smart-phones, we’re watching some mindless show on our pads.

But when you go camping, you get the chance to put all of that aside and use the primal skills that nature gave you! Be honest guys – when’s the last time you made a box fire? How about cooking over an open flame? Doesn’t that sound fun?

4. Great for gay couples

Who among us doesn’t like to travel? Let’s face it, gay vacations can be a lot of fun. But if you are in a relationship, the choices can sometimes be limited.

That’s why camping with your man needs to be an option. Think about it – you can snuggle up with him in a sleeping bag made for two and make out under the stars!

And we’re here to tell you that camping is just super intimate. It forces couples out of their norm and creates a dynamic where closeness is empowered. Seriously, it’s a fantastic form of couples therapy.

gay camping
Snuggle with your man and fur-baby

5. Outdoor closeness 

You knew we were going to bring this up. If you’ve never experienced sexy time in the woods, you really need to try it. That’s because when you’re outside, you’ll become less inhibited.

There’s just something powerful about the woods that awakens your libido. Maybe it’s the fresh air? Perhaps it’s the manscent? Or it could be all of the fresh meat? Who knows.

One thing is for sure – sexy time in the woods is hot.

6. Quality time with friends

Our first time on a gay camping trip took us to Ohio’s Freedom Valley Campgrounds. A group of us had planned the trip a year in advance. Let me tell you, it was a blast!

The best part was our ability to spend quality time with friends and not be interrupted by the outside world. This offered a real opportunity catch up on life, free of time restraints.

gay bear runs
Great for Gay Bear Runs

7. Great for bear runs

Have you ever heard of a bear run? No, we’re not talking about the stock market here. Instead, bear runs are events where a group of “gay bears” get together and hang out.

While many of these runs take place around widely advertised events, some are specifically campground related. For example, there are annual runs at the Dune’s Resort in Michigan target just for bear types!

8. Not as “rough” as you think

When you hear the word camping, it probably conjures up mental imagery of manly things, like catching your meals or pitching a tent. While some of that is true, gay camping offers different options!

If you want to go the traditional route, you can head someplace like the Hillside Campgrounds in Pennsylvania. They’ve been around for over 30 years and specifically cater to gay men.

But if you want more of a resort type feel, you can scoot over to Venus Florida to Camp Mars! They’ve got rental cabins and trailers galore that are great for singles and couples.

Chill with your dog

9. Pet Friendly

One of the reasons many vacations never happen is because of pets. Specifically, we’re talking about those adorable fur babies that we hate to leave at home. Can you relate?

Guess what – when you go on a gay camping trip, there’s a 99% chance that it’s totally cool to bring your dog or cat. Most campgrounds make a real effort to accommodate pets.

A great example of that is the Gay Russian River Campgrounds in Guerneville, CA. They’ve got traditional areas to pitch a tent or adorable cabins for rent. But what’s really important here is they are pet friendly!

10. It’s a blast!

The final reason you should go on a gay camping trip is for the fun factor. Seriously, it’s a super good time! Not only can you chill with your buds, you’ll meet new people along the way!

Many gay campgrounds are located next to natural lakes and rivers. Others are close to hiking paths that meander through hills and valleys.

It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and others, all in the backdrop of the great outdoors.

Gay Camping Myths

Here are 10 common myths associated with gay men and camping. Do these sound familiar?

  • Gay men don’t like being outdoors
  • Camping is boring
  • There’s no such thing as a gay camping resort
  • Only “butch” guys go camping
  • You have to have an RV to go camping
  • Gay camping resorts only exist in the Midwest
  • Only gay bears go camping
  • Otters and wolves don’t camp

Outdoorsy Men Poll

Just for chips and giggles, we’ve published a gay camping poll below on outdoorsy men. Be sure to chime in. Remember, you can only vote once so make your choice wisely!

Where to go Gay Camping

There are many places to go if you want to try your hand at camping. A great resource is the Gay Camping USA Website. They maintain a fairly large database of locations that LGBT folks can go to get their camping fun on.

You can also visit the Bearguide.net website. Lots of useful information about special events that take place outdoors with a camping theme.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you found some of what we shared here useful. Hopefully, some of the points discussed in this article will inspire you to try something new.

Who knows, you might just have the best time of your life.

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  1. This is good, but could be better. Me and my
    husband have camped together for the last 15 years between Hillside Campgrounds and The Woods, both in PA.
    You mention body image (bears, otters, and wolves) the furry types. I can tell you we have seen ALL types hairy, hairless, lesbian, straight, bisexual, and trans. Being clothing optional campgrounds adds a whole other element of connecting with nature. It seems you missed a couple other fabulous elements of gay camping. The true glamping aspect. Sure there are typical tents, rv’s, and cabin’s, but there are also chandeliers, as well as other types of light decoration. There are group site parties, pool parties, and dj’s spinning until 2am. Gay camping is bar none above straight family campgrounds with quiet hours after 10pm. And yes it helps me and my husband reconnect. One other thing guys put down your phone, it’s a gay campground, there are plenty of guys around, you don’t need to be on Grindr and Scruff to find them. Go say hello for fuck sake.

    CreekRidge Campground 5250 Williamston Rd. Stockbridge, MI 49285 / 1-517-565-3800
    [email protected]
    CreekRidge is Michigan’s first private, membership only, all male, 60 acre campground with seasonal RV, drive through and tenting sites…
    Our mission is to provide an environment “Where Friends Become Family”. As we work to give back to our community, we want to build a campground where we hope you take time to enjoy the simple things in life… building friendships, enjoying what nature has to offer or sitting around an open fire…
    Come check the camp out !!! 🙂

  3. l saw where wolves don’t like to go camping this wolf loves to going camping
    hiking and bike riding love to meet a gay camper for friendship. l have bean to
    places like Joe’s Hideaway Campgrounds or twin pounds love to explorer new adventures even a nude beach in New England areas.
    THANK,YOU Daddy Wolfiebear

  4. Well… there are a coupla things here… Let’s start with some of the 10 points. #1 – See points 6 & 7. #2 – Body Issues. All of the pics here feature young feller hotties. Ok, let’s see how that works with other real guys. #3 – Man Up. Yes, you can do it and still look fabulous. What happens when he actually catches something? He ain’t got no gloves; it will ruin his mani. #4 – Couples Therapy. Umm… alright. If therapy means #5 – sexy in the woods, then I am on board. Otherwise, if it works for you… fine. I’d go with the woods, but that’s just me. #s 6 & 7 – Yes, you will meet many cool people on while camping, and they may stay constant, so that is the best part. #8 – Rough. Yeah, ok. #9 – Pets. Yes. And lastly, #10 – It’s a Blast – Well, of course, that depends. My point here is don’t be enamored by the pretty pics and sweet commentary. It’s the woods. You can have a good time or you can’t. True for all things. Know that going in.

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