10 Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count

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Increase your ejaculate through the help of mother nature!

If you are like most men, you want to experience a powerful, meaningful ejaculate when you make that special connection. While the amount of your splooge largely depends upon age, weight, health status and environmental factors, there are certain foods that may help to increase your volume.

What follows is a list of 10 such foods you might want to check out. Be careful – don’t eat them all at once or you could have a mess on your hands!

1. Eggs: Those delicate white orbs are loaded with vitamin B5 and B6, which have been clinically shown to maintain hormone levels. Eggs are also high in protein; an important ingredient in the splooge creation process. Plus, they offer healthy carbs to keep your energy going.

2. Bananas: You may not know this but vitamins are high in B vitamins and bromelain. Combined, these sexual hormone regulators are known to increase overall desire, functioning and virility. If you choose this one, it's probably best to reach for the organic kind to avoid harsh chemicals.

3. Olive Oil: There’s something about olive oil that scientists think aids in the production of testosterone production. For guys, testosterone is critical when it comes to load factors. Swallowing half a teaspoon an hour before your guest arrives could make you spray paint everywhere! Plus, olive oil can help you stay regular.

4. Ginseng Tea: If you are a guy and drink a little Ginseng tea before an encounter, you are supercharging your seminal production through ginsenosides; a calming group of triterpenoid saponins that are thought to paradoxically boost the libido.

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5. Lean red meats: Foods that contain high amounts of zinc, like lean red meats and brown rice, help increase the production of the hormone prolactin. That may not sound important until you realize that low levels of prolactin in men have been shown to adversely affect male sexual health.

6. Oranges: The science is pretty clear here. If you want to have a meaningful sexual life, oranges are your friend. That’s because the Vitamin-C density in oranges is off the charts. Vitamin C also helps to reduce psychological stress levels, which kind of helps during the buildup phase. Don’t you want to feel calm and relaxed when you release?

7. Fish: This is a great food to eat if you are looking to increase your arousal and general libido. That’s because fish contains omega-3’s; a fatty acid that is believed to enhance pleasure sensations during love making. Oh – and this one is also good for reducing your chances of having a stroke.

8. Watermelon: Some researchers believe that watermelon is nature’s answer to erectile dysfunction. That’s because watermelon contains citrulline; an amino acid known to improve blood flow. Just think of all the money you will save on Viagra?

9. Garlic: You might think this one sounds nasty and when it comes to intimacy and you are probably right. But here’s the thing – garlic contains allicin; a natural compound that has been shown to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. That’s exactly what you want to happen when the big moment arrives! Just have a breath mint around. You’ll need it.

10. Hot Peppers: Crazy as this one may sound, hot peppers are thought to help get your juices flowing in two ways. First, they help to heat up the body, which opens up certain pathways and orifices. Second, hot peppers increase blood flow to a specific part of your lower extremities (hint hint!) A blood engorged stick that’s ready to rock and roll is what you are shoot’n for – right?


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