10 Health Benefits of Masturbation for Men!

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From boosting your mood to clearing your prostate, here’s 10 reasons jerking it is good for your health

When the topic of masturbation comes up among men, it’s usually about as popular as a porcupine in a balloon factory. That’s because guys generally don’t talk about such things with one another.

But maybe we should?

According to the wellness company TENGA, 88% of Americans do it. Sadly, a large percentage of those surveyed lie about it. To erase the stigma from self-pleasure, the company launched an online empowerment campaign to celebrate and encourage masturbation.


It was called #DoItInMay, and it was a 30-day movement to open the conversation on sexual wellness. If you want to still join in on the action, you can sign up on their website.

Given our commitment to all things health here at GPB, we thought it might be helpful to list out 10 benefits of masturbation that might surprise you.

Check it out:

1. Improves sleep

When men release, it releases a host of chemicals including oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin. All of which naturally help you hit the pillow, reports Science Line.

2. Increases mood

Stroking it stimulates the release of happiness endorphins from the hippocampus, which in turn floods the body and boost your mood—just like sex.

3. Builds stamina

Worried about going the distance? Then maybe you should consider spanking your monkey an hour before the actual deed.

That’s because it may help build stamina while offering more control, which in turn, decreased the risk of premature ejaculation.

4. Improves your heart

A study appearing in The American Journal of Cardiology found men who ejaculated just once per month were 45 percent more likely to see cardiovascular disease or have a stroke compared to guys who released more than twice a week.

5. Great for your prostate

We previously reported that men who ejaculate at least 21 times per month were less likely to experience prostate cancer as opposed to those who jerk it less.

Not a bad reason to make like a geyser, huh?

6. Encourages youthful appearance

Men who look significantly younger than their true age may all have one thing in common: it’s masturbating more often! British Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Weeks found those who released three times a week compared to those didn’t looked much younger.

The possible reason is increased blood circulation, which may encourage deeper sleep and in turn, more glowing skin.

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7. Prevents STD’s

This one is a no brainer. If you are doing it solo, it’s kind of hard to pick anything up.

Obviously, it’s always more fun with someone else but if you can’t find someone, you know have this reason to enjoy.

8. Encourages mindfulness

You may have heard of the buzz-term mindfulness. That’s the simple art of living in the here and now. By doing so, you reduce stress and anxiety.

When going solo, conjuring up imagery from the present (or fantasizing about the future) can help you to connect more powerfully to the present. Not so bad, is it?

9. Cold prevention

According to a report in Pub Med, 11 guys volunteered to masturbate from start to finish. Scientists drew and recorded their blood.

The results suggested that achieving orgasm raises the number of cells (called leukocytes) in men. Leukocytes help to maintain the health of the immune system and ward of things like colds.

10. You may live longer

Per a two-decade study published in the British Medical Journal, guys with the highest number of releases experienced a better quality of life plus lived longer than men who did so less.

All of this makes sense when you consider the other benefits discussed here. From boosting your mood to looking younger, shooting for the stars is just an all-around wise activity!


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