What To Order at a Coffee Shop


Hacks for ordering the right coffee for your java needs

After regular old water, people drink more coffee than any other beverage. Amazingly, it can rev you up or help you relax. Yet, there are so many different types of coffee-based drinks. The choices can make you dizzy.

So, we’ve cut through the confusing menu and put together a list of the drinks you should order from the coffee shop.

1. Early Morning

When you’re on your way to work or you’re looking to maximize your potential for the early part of the day, you should choose a coffee drink with the most bang for your buck. That would be a “long black”.

It’s like an Americano, except a bit stronger. It’s a cup of near-boiling water with two shots of espresso poured over it. The main difference is that there is less water than an Americano, making this a rather potent drink. Because the coffee flavor will be more pronounced, and the beverage is piping hot, you might want to add a splash of cold milk.

2. The Quick Fix

You just walked into your favorite coffee shop and the line is out the door. Wanna know what drink you can order that’ll bring you closer to the front of the line? When you don’t have much time to spare and waiting in a long line isn’t an option, choose a coffee drink that takes the least amount of time to prepare, the least amount of time to consume, and costs less.

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That would be a standard double espresso. Technically, the word espresso refers to two shots of espresso, but most coffee shops give you the option of having a single or double shot. This drink requires the least amount of work for the barista and you can consume a double espresso before you reach the door. Sometimes, the barista has left over shots of espresso from previous drinks and they’ll crank out your beverage so that the coffee isn’t wasted.

3. The Connoisseur’s Choice

If you enjoy the taste of coffee in its most elemental form, then you should choose a “pour-over”. Most people who drink coffee purely for the pleasure of it’s taste and the qualities of its extraction, this is the go-to beverage. A pour-over is made by manually pouring near-boiling water over the freshly-ground coffee.

This requires the greatest amount of skill and time. You don’t want to select a pour-over if you’re pressed for time. It can take about 5 to 7 minutes to produce, but you’ll be rewarded with the best quality of taste and a strong coffee. You’ll be able to discern the subtle taste notes of the coffee such as berry, chocolate and citrus. These taste notes are often missed when drinking an espresso-based drink or one that has a lot of milk. You shouldn’t add any milk or sugar to the finished product.

4. The Long Sip

When you’re in the mood to spend more than 15 minutes in a coffee shop, you should choose a beverage that lasts a long time. You can rack up single shot espressos if you like, but you should save yourself the trouble of having to re-order again and again. To pass the time on a rainy day, go for a mocha or a latte. These beverages have the most volume, mostly in the form of milk or milk alternative. A mocha has espresso, milk and chocolate syrup or powder. The latte is simply espresso with milk. Both beverages are capped with a few teaspoons of foam at the top. It should be noted that mochas and lattes have the most calories and can be quite filling. Since they are mostly comprised of milk, the caffeine kick is somewhat subdued.

5. The Light Touch

If you’ve just had a meal or you just don’t want to feel full from drinking a coffee, then stay away from the mochas and lattes and choose a cappuccino instead. It’s the most well-recognized name for a coffee drink, but some people don’t truly know what a cappuccino is. A cappuccino is made of two shots of espresso and a full cup of heavily-aerated milk.

It’s light, foamy and the taste of the coffee is prominent, not the taste of the milk. It’s one of the least standardized coffee beverages because it’s difficult to create the same amount of quality foam each time a barista makes it. The true cappuccino takes skill and practice to make properly. Here’s a tip: you can instruct the barista to make a cappuccino “dry” (with more foam) or “wet” (with more milk) to suit your taste.

6. Your Girlfriend’s Drink

If you’re on a date or you want to order a coffee for your girlfriend, then lean heavily on taste additives. You can thank Starbucks for creating such drinks as the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Mocha Frappuccino. These are super-sugary concoctions that use syrups to dilute the natural coffee flavor, making for a drink that is sweet and delectable.

Look for the seasonal menu. There might be something tailor-made for the occasion, such as a Valentine’s Day beverage or something that provides an over-the-top taste sensation. The price point will usually be high on your girlfriend’s drink, but she’ll thank you later.

7. The Smooth Operator

The “flat white” is a coffee drink that was first popularized by Australian coffee snobs, but it has rapidly become a mainstream drink. The flat white is two shots of espresso made with about 3 ounces of smoothly aerated milk. There are no bubbles, no foam.

Hence the name flat white. This is the ideal coffee beverage if you’re taking a business meeting or you’re not too particular about what you’re drinking. It’s a good beverage to order for someone who doesn’t know that much about coffee and just wants something nice and neat. That’s a flat white in a nutshell. You get a smooth taste. It has a low calorie serving and you get quite the caffeine kick.

Did you like our coffee list? If you did, then be sure to share it with your favorite coffee shop buddy. What’s your favorite coffee drink? Did we leave anything off the list? Let us know in the comments.

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