gay man big penis
It's pretty thick

I’m 22 years old gay man with a thick, fat penis

Being a young gay man with an enormously sized dick may not seem like a problem but I’m here to tell you it is. Before I get too far into this, I just want to say I’m not the greatest writer so forgive me if my grammar sucks.

I decided to write this article because I think this issue is important. You see, I’ve got a 10-inch penis with the thickness of a beer bottle.

You can laugh and giggle about that but it’s true. Because MV won’t let me share the pictures here, I’ve asked them to provide a link to it elsewhere. I’m going to give you that in a moment.

But first, I need to get a few things off my chest about what it is like to live with something this big. I know a lot of you think I’m full of s*hit but please hear me out. OK?

See, when you have 12-inches like I do, it can be hard to buy men’s underwear or jockstraps? What’s available on the market isn’t made for guys like me.

Cramming my big penis isn't easy

When I was in school, I used to have to cram it in a cup to keep it in. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have your junk spill out through your gym shorts?

It’s the same problem with pants. Even when I wear baggy jeans, you can still make out the shape of my privates. Seriously, my penis is so huge that I could hardly fit all of it on the pics.

When I go to take a piss in the men’s room, I always use the toilette and not a urinal because other guys stare. It’s just really embarrassing!

Hey, people do get self-conscious about that kind of thing. See this post about men who have a fear of peeing in public.

i'm gay and have a big penis
It's not easy to hide

Young, gay big penis woes

But these problems are minor compared to what it’s like being a young gay man with a really big penis. That’s because everyone assumes I’m a top.

But the thing is I’m not!

Ever since I came out a few years ago, I’ve been a bottom. I just prefer doing that when I hook up. But I’ll be a mother f*ck’n dog if every time I go on the hook up apps, other guys don’t insist that I top them.

I hate it! You won’t believe some of the crap people send me in messages.

“Can’t we try at least once? Please? Just let me sit on it.”

“I’m really generou$” [that means they want to hire me]

“Just lay back and let me do all the work. I’m make it quick.”

Even if I wanted to top another guy, I couldn’t because they don’t make rubbers in my size. I don’t give a crap if the box says XXL, they still don’t fit me! The truth is I’m bigger than most of the toys they have on the market.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it when a guy gives me head. But most of the time they can’t even finish the job because they’re jaw gives out.

If they aren’t chocking on my stick, they’re gagging when my load comes out because it’s so much. And because I’m uncut, it makes things harder.

Trying to date other gay men when you’re young with a big dick is super difficult. It just seems like all people want me for is my meat.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining so you can check out my pictures below.

The next time you meet another gay man that young with a big giant penis, remember what I shared here. Don’t assume we’re all tops. And don’t think we’ve got life easy.

Anyway, if you follow this NSFW link, this is a close approximation of what I've got.