10 Happiness Myths That Keep You Miserable

happiness myths

Happiness myths revealed

Happiness myths are fantasies which lodge in your mind when repeated. You believe them despite a lack of evidence and, unlike fairy tales, some are damaging. They stop you getting what you want because you can't see the truths they hide.

Understanding these common misconceptions will help you attract happiness.

1. Happiness is permanent

You will be disappointed if you believe happiness is perpetual. Life is full of trials. Sometimes, you'll be sad, angry, or disappointed. On other occasions, you won't identify an emotional state. Even the happiest people say they are content rather than blissful and expect their mood to dip.

Happiness isn't a permanent state of mind, it's an emotion, and emotions fluctuate depending on your thoughts and perspective. Besides, you're not designed to always be happy. Without the contrast of unhappiness, how would you know joy? Accept occasions when you aren't satisfied as part of being human, and you won't feel thwarted.

2. Gaining approval will make you happy

If you strive to meet the approval of others, the chances are you think doing so will aid joy. All the time you try to please, though, rather than follow your heart, you miss the joy of being authentic.

You can't please everyone and do what you want all the time. Some people will approve, some won't. Do what you feel is right for you, and you'll be closer to happiness.

3. Your soulmate will make you happy

Are you waiting to meet your other half? If so, you imagine your soulmate will complete you, and you'll live in bliss together when you connect. Thinking you aren't whole without someone to lean on is a bad move.

You can't expect another person to give you strength and confidence. These things aren't gifts anyone else can provide, anyway. Self-esteem stems from self-awareness and expanded growth. Look within for assurance, and you'll attract someone whole like you.

4. The more choices you have, the happier you are

If you feel restricted, it's likely you believe a broad range of options brings happiness. However, research shows it is possible to have too many choices.

When faced with many options, your clarity decreases along with joy. A smaller selection can give you greater well-being.

Don't overlook the clarity that comes from the simplicity of a few carefully considered alternatives.

5. You can't be happy until you improve

You may think improvement will make you blissful, getting thinner or to the top of your career ladder for example. Nonetheless, if you're miserable now, happiness won't blossom when you achieve your aim. Life might be more comfortable, but you won't be joyful.

Nothing external can make you happy, and the only time you can experience happiness is now. Appreciate the moment and find joy in the circumstances before you.

6. Some people are destined to be happy

Do you think some people are naturally joyful? While studies reveal there might be a happy gene, genetics is only part of the picture. You control much of your joy since you influence factors that impact your emotions. Adequate sleep and exercise, healthy food, and self-exploration can increase your happiness.

7. You'll be happier if you vent 

Airing problems can help you see them better, and wise friends can offer helpful advice when you tell them about difficulties. Sometimes, though, venting deepens pain and keeps it alive instead of allowing you to move on.

Before you vent, decide whether doing so will help or hinder your well-being. You might be happier if you focus on joy and let sadness go.

8. Being kind will bring you joy

Giving can be tantamount to receiving, but only when no strings are attached. Unconditional love creates positive feelings, boosting pleasure. Conditional kindness, though, can bring misery if it does not meet your needs.

It's all right to seek recompense, and reciprocal relationships are useful. Full-on joy from giving, though, flows when you do so with no expectation of payment.

9. Negative people will make you miserable

While it is true unhappy people can make you blue, negativity isn't catchy. Your resilience depends on your attitude and the strength of your emotional state. You can maintain happiness at the same time as sympathizing.

The trick is not to take other's emotions to heart. Help them learn how to help themselves rather than sharing burdens, and you need not lose your joy.

10. Material success will make you happy

You might think studying material success is a way to measure happiness. After all, it's easy to look at rich folk and imagine they live hassle-free lives. You may compare the financial challenges you face with their seeming lives of ease and be sure they must be ecstatic.

It's true being poor can make you miserable, but happiness doesn't necessarily connect with a huge bank balance. Aim for material success but make sure your joy doesn't depend on money.

Be grateful when you're unhappy, knowing challenges are lessons that help you grow. Accept joy as a sign you're attracting positive emotions because your wisdom is increasing.

Recognize myths about happiness, and you will have a greater chance of finding joy. Old sayings and beliefs aren't helpful if they block what you seek. Let them go and follow your bliss, understanding it will ebb and flow.

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