Should Men Meditate With Their Partners?


Dual Meditation

The couple that meditates together stays together? There are plenty of articles, self-help books, and scientific reports that tell us that meditation is good for us. But, can it be good for our relationships too.

It’s fairly common to see that spending time with our loved ones can have a great impact on our bonds. Whether it be going out to see a movie, staying in and cooking together, or maybe even meditating together.

Yes, we want to see more men meditate with their partners because it could better so much of themselves and their relationships. And here’s how.

Building Teamwork

The first way that meditating with your lover can help your relationship is by enforcing the idea that this is a partnership. Working together will be key in meditating with your partner.

Yes, meditating is often a solitary experience. In addition, meditating can even still be individualistic when you’re doing it within a group. That said, the intimacy of one-on-one sessions creates an atmosphere of togetherness.

If you go into meditation with a lover with the goal of doing it together, the sessions become more about unit building and teamwork than about the singular experience.


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Boosting Consideration

Once you’ve got a partner and teammate, you will often think about them. Your relationship can only get better from there.

Dual meditation can build consideration for others. When men meditate with their partners, they hear their partners' breathing, become aware of their process to reach their personal quiet place, and learn the intimate steps necessary to help them get there.

Depending on the type of meditation, couples may even physically touch to add to the experience. Then men will also learn more about how the bodies of their lovers work.

Resolving Insecurities

Yes, learning about one another can create a great sense of intimacy and knowing. Once you recognize and consider your partner in this quiet moment, you will forever know them that way. This can lower walls in communication and make talking with your lover easier.

Even body issues can become overcome thanks to meditation in tandem. Physical touch during meditation can not only build intimacy but build honesty about our bodies and our connection to each others’ bodies.

Your time in the bedroom will be enhanced because you took the time to know your lovers' body outside of it. And maybe men will be freed as well from their own insecurities during that process.


Growing Love

Ultimately, meditating with your lover can create a sense of teamwork, understanding, and open communication. Meditation is about getting in touch with yourself and the world around you. It's about relaxing and finding yourself in the moment and in the space. So, doing meditation with a lover can only make you more aware and in touch with the other important person in the room.

Love is finding someone who’ll stay and finding someone who will accept you in your whole being. Should men meditate with their partners, they will get to know their partner better than ever before. And with that, love can be just around the corner or made stronger than ever before.

Have you meditated with your partner? If so, what benefits (if any) have you realized?

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