Should You Be Worried about 5G Technology?

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5-G and COVID-19: A Closer Look

Believe it or not, there are people who think that the covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and the real threat to our health stems from exposure to 5G cell towers. Yeah, that’s right. People aren’t dying from the novel coronavirus. Supposedly, they are dying from exposure to harmful 5G waves.

That’s simply NOT true and I’ll explain why.

The international scientific body that deals with radiation, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has recently updated its guidelines concerning 5G technology and deemed it safe for humans.

What is 5G?

Fifth generation wireless technology is the highest frequency level of telecommunication standards. It facilitates faster data and stronger signal strength for wireless communication so that we can have autonomous vehicles connected to smart grids, faster downloads, and other next generation technologies.

5G falls under the category of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields or (RF EMFs). It ranges from 100 kHz to 300 GHz. Telecom companies are releasing 5G enabled handsets and erecting a network of 5G cell towers all over the world.

The Symptoms

There are conspiracy theories that suggest that the coronavirus is merely the body’s reaction to 5G EMF exposure. So, let’s look at the symptoms and side effects. The supposed side effects from 5G exposure just don’t line up with what we’ve seen as a result from exposure to the covid-19 virus.

Supposed side effects of 5G exposure are cellular breakdown, overheating of exposed tissue and there are some studies that link to brain cancer. Cellular breakdown and heating of exposed tissue are symptoms listed by the ICNIRP.

It would stand to reason that a person would need a long period of time and an extreme amount of exposure to get those side effects. 5G technology and 5G networks are just beginning to emerge. Nokia just released its first 5G handset in late March. 5G towers are just starting to go up in major cities.

Okay, let’s assume for a moment that 5G networks are dangerous. It still wouldn’t cause people to catch pneumonia, lose their sense of smell or develop life threatening respiratory complications. Those are common symptoms listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the novel coronavirus.

People who believe that 5G technology is dangerous don’t even list those symptoms as potential problems with 5G. So, there’s a huge disconnect when it comes to symptoms and side effects. People who suffer form coronavirus do have elevated temperatures, but these aren’t surface burns. It’s a fever caused by the body’s own defense mechanisms to fight off covid-19.

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Is 5G Dangerous?

5G is non-ionizing radiation. That means that it doesn’t penetrate the body. That’s why one of the side effects of over-exposure is heat burns. The radiation disperses along the surface of the skin.

It doesn’t penetrate the body. It’s not the nuclear holocaust type of radiation that people are imagining. It’s not harmful to humans in that way and it would take an extended amount of exposure to create any harmful side effects.

So, is 5G technology dangerous? Well, science is based on a preponderance of evidence. Most of the research shows that 5G technology is safe. However, there are so-called experts who still question the safety of 5G technology. Nothing has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in either direction and that’s the main issue.

There are harmful types of radiation. Take UV radiation from the sun as an example. If you spend day after day, year after year, being exposed to the sun, then you’re in danger of developing skin cancer. UV radiation is an ionizing radiation. It can penetrate the body and cause cellular degradation, but it doesn’t happen overnight or in a matter of days and it isn’t transmitted from person to person.

5-g spectrum

The problem with 5G towers is that people will be living right alongside them day in and day out, creating a long-term exposure. Nobody knows for certain what the effects of that long-term exposure can mean for our health.

That’s one of the main reasons that a panel of scientists have called for a pause on rolling out 5G technology in the European Union so that more testing can be done. There’re not alone either. Reputable scientists are challenging their governments to take more time and study the effects.

Is there a link between 5G and covid-19?

There are some maps of 5G tower locations overlaid with maps of coronavirus victims and some people use that as proof that 5th generation wireless towers cause coronavirus symptoms and death. Unfortunately, there’s this pesky little rule in scientific circles which states that correlation does not equal causation.

People who use these maps as evidence are ignoring the fact that coronavirus hotspots and 5G tower density are linked because of population density. There are more cases of coronavirus in New York because there are more people living there in a small area.

Also, because more people live there, there are more 5G towers. The more people in an area, the more cell towers there will be. The denser the population, the more interactions between people, and a greater likelihood of spreading an infectious disease like covid-19.

Every time there’s a leap forward in technology, some people get scared. People don’t like change and 5G technology has come around at a bad time for change. Think back to when microwaves, Bluetooth, cell phones, and radios first came out.

People thought those technologies would be harmful or give you cancer, too. None of that has come to pass because of either the safety measures in place or the simple fact that they’re harmless.

That hasn’t stopped people from going full ape on 5G.

Arsonists in Birmingham, England went so far as to burn down a 5G tower.

It’s understandable though. We are living in trying times and people are scared but the coronavirus is real. 5G is a new type of technology for consumers and people throughout history have been fearful of new technologies. Just seeing more 5G towers in local neighborhoods has caused people to question the health concerns.

A petition in the UK to block the government from implementing 5G technology has over 100,000 signatures. Some people also link 5G technology rollout to Wuhan, China where the covid-19 virus began.

Again, there might be a correlation, but that doesn’t prove causation. There are guidelines in place to manage the output of 5G EMF and that form of technology might present a problem in of itself. However, it is not linked to covid-19, the novel coronavirus.

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Yet, if you get trapped in the echo chamber of social media, you might find yourself bombarded by all the static and noise. You’ve got enough to worry about. So, please scratch this conspiracy theory off your list.

There are no scientific studies from reputable sources that support a link between covid-19 and 5G technology. Plus, the fifth-generation wireless technology is also believed to be safe for humans.

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