8 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

Why Do Yoga?

Is yoga the exercise, mental health, and well-being routine you need in your life? Maybe so, and here’s a quick list to convince you.

Yoga is a universe practice with many benefits. From helping with mental health and calming the soul to stretching out the body and strengthening the core. But what are other reasons that men should get into yoga? Check out the eight reasons down below.

Yoga Relieves Stress

If you’re looking for a way to relax, this may be it. There’s a reason that yoga often comes with meditation practices. It’s because in order to get your body to stretch and bend the way you need it to, you have to relax. That also means yoga is a great way to practice stress relief.

Yoga Improves Sexual Performance (Really!)

Studies have shown that men of all ages who do yoga also enjoy a better sex life. Some reasons for this is the increased flexibility (more on that later), regulated blood flow, and lowered stress levels. This can then affect desire, erections, orgasm, endurance, and more.

Rage yoga

Yoga Raises Bone Health

Yoga can also help with bone health because it puts you in varying poses. Some of these poses help with the range of motion and overall mobility. On top of that, yoga can lower your risk of osteoporosis, or the disease when bone density and quality reduces.

Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

Believe it or not, yoga is great for losing weight and helping your internal organs. The reason being that the stretching and breathing helps to massage the internal organs. That then helps to boost your metabolism.

Yoga Relieves Pain

But what about pain? Well, of course, yoga helps with that too. Doing yoga can help you fight off misalignment from sitting so long, which most of us do for our work. Being able to work our sore bodies and joints. Your back specifically gets a good workout through the poses and stretches in yoga. Since the back is one of the most common places for men to experience pain, you can see how yoga is a great solution to our problems.

Yoga Enhances Strength And Flexibility

Dittoing that earlier point, yoga helps men’s bodies become more flexible and strong. Of course, it doesn’t just happen with one session. Just like in many other exercises and workouts, yoga takes a while to get used to and even longer to master. But as you go, you’ll notice your flexibility and strength increase.

Yoga Increases Physical Endurance

Adding to some earlier points, practicing yoga will mean that men will notice an increase to their stamina and endurance. Yoga increases blood flow, so the muscles get more oxygen. That means you’ll recover faster as you keep going. Yoga helps to increase the length of your muscles and will create more space for your muscles to grow. That means, bigger biceps. And as you get better at the meditative side of yoga, you’ll be able to go slower and longer in yoga and other aspects of your life.

Yoga Improves Posture

Of course with all the stretching and poses, yoga can help men to have better posture. This can help in many ways, it can help you look taller than before, but also help your shoulders look wider and your chest look bigger. Yes, yoga can even make you look more attractive because of these improved features.

Yoga For Men

Practicing yoga can add many health benefits to men’s lives, and for what cost? A few classes? A blimp in your schedule? That’s worth taking on a new task that can help you and your life. And if you don’t believe us? Try it out and see for yourself? It may not be the activity for you. But for all the men out there, know that yoga is a perfectly good (and maybe more than that) way to achieve athletic excellence. However you choose to define that term.