3 Good Quality Whiskey Picks for a Man’s Night Out

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Good Quality Whiskey Choices

Going out with friends for a night on the town can be an incredibly fun way to spend an evening. Where whiskey is concerned, however, it can become difficult to find your favorites at some bars, especially if you enjoy less-common drinks.

Thankfully, there are a few standard-bearers that most places carry. Moreover, these good quality whiskeys aren’t all that expensive. I’m going to share with you my three favorites with the hope of giving you some ideas for your next night out.

As always, it’s never a good idea to drink and drive. If you are going to have one or more glasses of alcohol, it’s best to let someone else control the wheel. With that said, here are my personal picks for getting your whiskey on.

1. Maker's Mark

The classic Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon is a nearly universal fixture at bars throughout the United States. No well-stocked bar is complete without at least one bottle of the iconic wax-sealed whiskey, and the demand is high enough that most will not let their supply run low.

Maker's Mark bourbon is also a favorite in cocktails such as the Manhattan and the old fashioned because of its smooth and well-balanced flavor.

Whenever you're out at a bar and don't know what whiskey to order, Maker's Mark is one with which you really can't go wrong.

2. Jameson Irish Whiskey

Probably the most noted brand of Irish whiskey, Jameson Irish Whiskey is another option that should be widely available at nearly any bar.

As an international favorite among whiskey drinkers, there are very few bars that will not have this spirit on hand. If you happen to dining out at a restaurant, Jameson is also a great choice because it pairs well with most foods.

3. Glenlivet 12-Year Old Scotch

Single malt scotch is one type of whiskey that can be difficult to find at bars, especially smaller ones that do not double as restaurants. The reason for this is that single malt scotches are comparatively expensive, and most people are not willing to pay the added price.

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The one common single malt that most bars will offer is the iconic 12-year-old scotch from Glenlivet. While not as refined as the 15 or 18 year versions from the same distillery, the 12-year-old has the advantage in availability.

Some bars will not carry any single malt scotches, but this one is common enough that it can be found at most bars with any kind of reasonable selection.

Of course, when you are at a bar you know, it can be much easier to find a good whiskey that you have tried before. When you find yourself in an establishment that is new to you, however, it can be useful to keep these three go-to whiskeys in mind.

While they may not be the first choices that you would normally go for, they are all good whiskeys that will be available at most establishments.

Wrap Up

As you can tell, I like to drink whiskey when I go out. That said, I occasionally entertain at home. All of the drinks mentioned above are great to have on hand for guests.  Serve them with or without ice. Make sure you have several snifter glasses to go with (see Amazon for ideas).

Do you like whiskey? If so, what's your favorite brand? Any suggestions for fellow readers?

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