Men Really Don’t Like Visiting The Doctor, Says Study

Men Hate the Doctor's Office

Men, don’t hide from your doctors!

It seems that the Cleveland Clinic has been getting curious about why many male clients have been skipping out on their routine checkups and medical help. So, the health office decided to do some research on the issue.

A new study from the Cleveland Clinic has looked into the idea that guys hate going to their family doctor for medical assistance. Turns out, it is very true.

To get to this conclusion, the researchers behind Cleveland Clinic surveyed around 1,200 American adult males. From there, the researchers found that 72 percent of men would rather do chores around the house like mow the lawn or clean a very dirty toilet than visit the doctor’s office. Even further, 77 percent of the male respondents would rather go shopping than go to see their doctor (because apparently, shopping is a bad thing?).

But possibly the worse data from the study is the fact that men will often rather go to Dr. Google than go to an actual doctor. Almost two-thirds of the male respondents admit to searching their medical problem or needs online before they decide to seek professional medical help.

Dr. Eric Klein, a physician who works with Cleveland Clinic, responded to the data found from the study. He says that most of these men avoiding going to the doctor are giving into anxiety and worries over their health. So instead, they avoid facing the issue.

“Men tend to be stubborn about a lot of things, with taking care of their health usually near the top of the list,” said the good doctor. Our hope with this campaign is that by shedding a little light on what barriers are keeping men from engaging in preventative care, we can then work to motivate them to take their health more seriously.”

Lying Too?!

But that’s not all. Men aren’t just avoiding going to the doctor, but apparently many are lying once they do seek treatment or a checkup. 20 percent of survey respondents said that that they were not being totally honest about their health to their primary care practitioner. The reasons for this constant lying varied by man and by occasion. There were fears of facing a terrible diagnosis to just simple embarrassment.

But as you can imagine, lying to your doctor or straight out avoiding him or her can be a big problem down the line. Ignoring possible health issues can lead to giving them time to grow and fester. And unfortunately, this is a problem that most men are allowing to happen. The survey found that nearly half of its male respondents are getting annual physical exams. That means about half of men aren’t going and don’t have a regular idea of what their health is like.

So for the men out there reading this article, it might be time for a change. Don’t be like the men in this survey. Go seek medical advice and help today. If not for yourselves, for all the people that love you and want you to remain happy, healthy, and free.

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