5 Obstacle Course Adventure Races To Push Your Body Hard

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Looking for a challenging obstacle course? Here’s 5 amazing ones!

If you’re a regular at the local gym and the squat rack is putting you to sleep, then maybe you should test your mettle against an obstacle course adventure race.

These are extreme fitness challenges that usually feature a combination of military-style obstacles and running. Just completing one takes stamina, speed, endurance, and a touch of madness.

Race organizers employ a great deal of creativity in coming up with courses, too. Mud bogs, fire pits, and even zombies are put forth to fully challenge your mind and body.

In a study conducted by the Outdoor Foundation in 2016, researchers found that adventure racing was one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in America with a steady increase in participation since 2007.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to experience the sheer thrill of an obstacle course event? Here’s a list of the craziest, most exciting adventure races on the planet.

The Spartan Race (Worldwide)

The Spartan Race has over 200 events in 42 countries and has grown into a full-blown way of life. It began in 2010 when founder Joe De Sena, an endurance race and fitness expert, committed himself to challenging people to change their lifestyle through extreme fitness challenges.

There are different Spartan Race levels to choose from, so anybody from novice to expert can try one. The Spartan Sprint is a popular event.

It has 20 obstacles spread out over 3 miles. The obstacles feature rope bridges, barbed wire crawls, and even a fire pit. If you fail to complete an obstacle, you must stop and perform 30 burpees before you can move on to glory.

Tough Mudder (The United Kingdom)

It’s time for a hop across the pond. This is an obstacle course adventure event for people who are truly gluttons for punishment. It’s not a race; it’s just about making it to the end in one piece. It’s muddy.

Hence, the name. Obstacles have pain-inspiring names like “Fire In Your Hole” and “Pyramid Scheme”. It’s not all about pushing your physical and mental boundaries though. This is a team event and there are additional events that build comradery, such as live entertainment, lawn games, and ice-cold beer. Picture a camp of warriors just before an epic medieval battle and you’ve got a taste of what it’s like at a Tough Mudder event.

Patagonia Expedition Race (Chile)

This is an adventure challenge that doesn’t feature manmade obstacles. It’s a bit different. Race organizers call it “the adventure at the end of the world.”

The Patagonia Expedition Race takes place in the Chilean wilderness where you and your four-man team will have to navigate to the finish line. There’s nobody to help you along the way as you hike, kayak, bike, repel and climb through some of the most virgin territory in South America.

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You can choose your own path and you’ll need to find suitable places to stop and camp along the way. This race takes days to complete and it’s only suitable for people who are ready to test their meddle against nature itself.

Every year’s race is a bit different and it crosses all types of terrain, from mountains to valleys, glaciers to swamp land.

The Zombie Mud Run (USA)

They don’t call these adventure races. They call them outbreaks. That’s because this obstacle course adventure features flesh-eating zombies. Well, not real zombies. You can sign-up as a runner or participate as a zombie actor. Participants compete either singly or in teams of four.

There’s a story behind this challenge. You’re a post-apocalyptic survivor and you’ve got to get from the starting line to the “Green Zone” without getting stopped by mud, obstacles and hordes of zombies.

You get three flags attached to your belt and you need to reach the green zone with at least one flag intact to be considered a human survivor. There’s a 5K run with obstacles, a 1 mile night run, and even an event for kids.

Bone Frog (USA)

Do you think you can handle Navy SEAL obstacles in the blazing heat? Then, take a closer look at Bone Frog, but be warned that event organizers guarantee that no one will be left unscathed. Courses range from 3 to 11 miles and there’s usually an obstacle every quarter mile. These aren’t your average obstacles either. You can trust that Navy SEALS know what tough is all about, and each one of their 30 obstacles will put your functional fitness abilities to the test.

This is a family event with a huge veteran presence. Your kids can cheer you on as you compete, and they can even run through their very own mini-bone frog challenge.

There are so many more obstacle course adventure races out there. These are just a handful.

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