40-Yr-Old Man Had Painful Sleep Erections After Having Sex

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Painful Sleep Erections

Have you ever experienced having painful erections in your sleep? Apparently, that’s a rare condition that a few men have.

The condition called sleep-related painful erections (or SRPE) is categorized by “recurrent painful nocturnal erections during REM sleep in the absence of pain during daytime erections.”

While this is a condition that 35 men have reported having to scientists, one man says he has it worse than the rest.

In a new case report published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, this anonymous 40-year-old man says that he’s been waking up several times a night to this pain for 6 years now.

While the erection and pain goes away after 3 minutes of cooling the penis or physically exercising it, the many years of experiencing this have taken its toll on him.

But this man’s situation was slightly different than the 35 men who came before him, he reported that his SPRE only came after having sex and ejaculating the night before going to sleep. It didn’t matter how long he had sex, or if he ejaculated simply from masturbating. All he knew was that if he ejaculated while having sex, he would experience SRPE symptoms.

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This eventually caused problems with his love life, because he started limiting the amount of sex he had.

Eventually, the man sought medical help, but test results showed there was nothing wrong with him.

“Not wanting to be a patient at his age,” the man asked if doctors could find a non-pharmacological solution to his problem. They ended up just saying he should try having sex at different times of the day, and that worked for him. He stopped experiencing SRPE effects for the next 3.5 years.

On top of that, his condition has changed the way the man looks at life and acts in it.

“He now is a schooled practitioner of tantric sex (defined by him as practices in which slow, mindful, non-orgasmic sexual union, or masturbation creates a path to the experience of spiritual ecstasy) and aims to eliminate all orgasms, both during intercourse and masturbation.”