How a Pillow Can Help Your Love Life


Pillows can enhance your love life

Did you know that in ancient Rome, soldiers used pillows to keep their heads propped up so they would stay alert at night?

The ancient Egyptians used them to support the heads of the deceased in tombs. The ancient Europeans started using them in churches to support their knees during prayer.

The ancient Chinese made their pillows out of jade and believed lying on them could transfer the stone’s healing properties to the brain.

Today, the ways in which we use pillows aren’t quite as dramatic. Typically use them to help get a good night’s sleep. Of course, that’s not the only bedroom activity they can help enhance. Yes, we are talking about sex.

“Pillows are perfect ‘sex tools,’” says Daniel Stone, a sex and relationship educator based in New York. “They can be used pretty much anywhere your body might need a little boost, prop, or extra cushion – especially for those of us with hip, neck, back, or joint pain of any kind.” He’s right.

In fact, the practice of incorporating pillows into our sexual escapades has become so popular an industry has sprung up around the idea.

Below, Stone walks us through the many ways in which pillows can help angle us into better sex.

They Make Things Easier To Access

“The most common way to use a pillow is under the hips during missionary or under the pelvis during lying-down-from-behind positions, which lifts the hips and pelvis just enough to make entering and accessing the certain areas easier and more comfortable,” Stone explains.

“It also gives his partner a clearer view of the vaginal opening to reduce the risk of fumbling upon entry and accidentally thrusting or poking against the outer vaginal wall.”


They Help With Height Differences

The same way some need step-stools in the kitchen, others need pillows during sex.

“Because we are all different heights, I often recommend keeping a couple of pillows at hand in case the receiving partner needs a little lift in order to meet their partner’s penis at the right level,” says Stone. “Some couples enjoy a form of missionary that involves the receiving partner lying on their back on the bed with their butt scootched to the edge and the giving partner standing in front of them, usually holding their partner’s legs for support.

In some cases, this position isn’t physically possible without pillows.”

They Help Elevate The Goods

“A pillow under the hips also makes it easier to access and stimulate the vagina, which is of course essential when things become extremely intimate,” he adds. Most women will tell you it’s important to feel comfortable during penetration.

Positions like the vaginal alignment technique are designed to improve her odds of orgasm by angling the shaft of the penis against the vagina. Throwing a pillow into the mix might make things even easier to maneuver.