The Beauty of Self-Work Days

Self-Work Days

Sometimes, we just need a day, or a couple of hours, to ourselves. Life is hard. There’s always something coming at us. Whether it’s bills or events or jobs or whatever else. Sometimes, it’s good to just take a step back and breathe. It’s good for you, your mental health, and your priorities. But what’s one way you can do that? Find a day when you do have a free few hours, or even an entire day if you’re lucky, and plan yourself a self-work day.

What’s a self-work day? A self-work day is a day when you can focus on yourself and your work. No, we don’t mean the work necessary for your job. Leave that at the office or wherever you may work for pay. Instead, a self-work day is about focusing on creative projects, important files and documents like taxes, and enjoying working for your self-interests. If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why you should plan out a self-work day.

Self-Focus & Meditation

Again, a lot of life is pulling you here, there, and everywhere. Whether it’s work, friends, family, lovers, or more. All of that can tie a strain on our mental health and bodies. Plotting out some time to get to personally driven work like writing a book or budgeting can help us refocus our minds back on us. We need to re-center and regroup to our main focus in life, ourselves. A day focused on our own work and tasks can do just that.

Creative Work

Another great reason to enjoy a self-work day is to dedicate a day or block of time to creative work. Whether you want to get back to writing that book or play around with your guitar, setting out specific time to do it will encourage you to actually get the job done. Our financial situations can often make us forget our creative goals and passions. Let’s fix that.

Filing & Logistical Work

Or maybe you want to get to some much-needed document work. It’s currently tax season here in America and many people need to get their filing work done. Plot out a day to finally help yourself out and get that necessary job off your plate. Other logistical work like preparing for a wedding or getting important government documents can be the focus of this time too.

Procrastinated Tasks

Generally, you may want to pick a self-work day just so you can FINALLY stop procrastinating. Whether it's for creative work, logistical work, or whatever else, scheduling a day to work on it will help you actually work on it. We all procrastinate, some more than others, but we can all find an easy solution to that problem. Planning ahead of time.

Excuse To Get Out

Lastly, you can make your self-work day a social engagement. Get out of the house and out into the world by visiting a coffee house or a library. You can enjoy refocusing with yourself while still engaging with the world as a whole. If you need other ideas of places to go do your self-work day outside, here’s a list we wrote up not too long ago.

Working On And For Yourself

Ultimately, a self-work day is about enjoying yourself and doing what you need. Finish the work that you’ve been procrastinating. Get back to the tasks that fuel you and your spirit. Get yourself a self-work day, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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