What To Wear When Running In The Rain

Running In The Rain?

Oh, no! It’s raining out but today was supposed to be your jogging day? What can you do now? Hold off your jog until tomorrow? Hope the rain lets up in a couple of hours? Or, dress for the occasion and enjoy a nice, and wet, run outside? If you’re leaning toward the latter, this post is for you.

So, you’ve decided to get out there and enjoy a run through the rain. Great! But what should you wear? Here are some ideas.

Dress For The Weather

The first mistake many make is to over-layer when it’s raining outside. You may think it’s good to wear a hoodie or a jacket to protect you from the rain. But in fact, this is not good. You’ll be getting wet no matter what, but now you’ll be running around in wet and heavy clothing. Avoid that by wearing what you’d normally wear if it wasn’t raining.

This, of course, goes for colder months too. When it’s cold outside, dress accordingly. Just, dress with an extra mindfulness of the rain too. For instance, wear clothes like a running jacket or a technical shirt that are made especially for jogging. Then, change AS SOON as you finish and get home. Don't stick around in wet clothes.

Wear Visible Colors

Rain, dark clouds, and dark clothes make visibility hard for drivers. Protect yourself from potential harm by wearing brighter outfits while running. Or, get clothing with reflective strips.

Prevent Chafing AHEAD of the Run

Chafing becomes a big problem when you’re running in the rain. In order to protect yourself from any harm, cover possible warning areas. That includes nipples for men, bra lines for women, the inner thighs, and more. Get body glide, Vaseline, or nipple guards to help with the problem BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Cover Your Head/Face

Next, get a hat. Having a hat with a cap is great because it’ll keep your head warm, which will make your running experience much more enjoyable. Plus, it’ll lower the risk of you getting sick. Then the cap will protect your face from falling rain. Though windy rain can’t be avoided. Be mindful of that.

Mind Your Shoes

Next, you want to be careful of your shoes. Make sure that you have shoes that can take the moisture. You might want to get a second pair just for the rainy days. Then after running in the rain, make sure to thoroughly dry your shoes afterward. Stuff newspapers in the shoes so that the paper can dry up the water and keep your shoe at its original size. Also, don't put your shoes next to a furnace or heater. You can place it in the proximity of one but NOT right next to one. Otherwise, the shoe could shrink. After that, allow up to 12-24 hours for your shoes to naturally dry.

Bag Your Phone

Remember to protect your phone and other electronics from the water. Wrap up your electronics in a waterproof carrier or a plastic bag.

Running Socks

Did you know there are specially made socks for running and running in the rain? These running socks are made to keep your feet cool and moisture away from your skin. This protects you from blisters and chaffing. Get yourself a pair!

Avoid Running In Lightning & Heavy Wind

This is pretty obvious, but it needs to be said. DO NOT go out if there is any thunder or lightning. Fitness is important, but not that important. The same can be said for heavy wind. At the end of the day, this is all about prioritizing your health. Sometimes, that means NOT exercising.

Stay safe, folks!

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