Almost Half Of Young Men Have Sent A Private Pic (Or Two!)

Many Young Men Have Sent A Private Pic

It looks like the private pics are here to stay.

A new study looking at single life in America has given us a sneak peek into the mentalities of singles (young and old) out on the prowl. But the most enlightening info is about younger single men, and especially those men from Generation Z.

Believe it or not, Generation Zers are quickly reaching maturity and becoming of age. And apparently, they’re acting like it too. For the record, Generation Z men were born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s, which means they’re anywhere from 4 to 24-years-old.

Concerning Gen Zers, the 2019 Singles in America study found that nearly half, or specifically 44 percent, of the generation have sent private pics to a romantic interest. Thankfully, the majority of these pictures weren’t sent out unwarranted, as the data also shows that 54 percent of the young men had been asked to send pics.

But the study wasn’t focused on just the youngest generation currently alive. The study also focused on older men too. For instance, one-third of millennials (or 37 percent) admitted that they also sent private pics of themselves to others. But the numbers get smaller from there.

As we go up in age, it seems the amount of men who have sent pics of their downstairs area also goes down. Only 25 percent of Generation X men have sent photos of their staves to others. Meanwhile, the Baby Boomers are even less likely to send pics. Just 11 percent said that they had done so before.

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The Negative Side

Unfortunately, there were some negative factors considered in the study’s data collection. It turns out, the more likely people were to share their own private pictures, the more likely they were to share other people’s private pictures.

Yes, once you’ve shared a picture of your own dong, you might be willing to share a dong pic someone else took or a picture of the opposite sex’s stash. Of course, Generation Zers were the most likely to send pictures around. In fact, nearly twenty-five percent of Generation Z men were not only willing to do so but already have.

As for the other age groups, Millennials were the next to have loose typing fingers when it came to sharing personal and private photos.

At the end of the day (and the study), it looks like younger generations are getting used to the idea that sharing pictures of their bodies is no big deal. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to each person and their moral code. But no one can question that the adverse side effect of this occurrence is pretty bad.

Now that young men are comfortable sending pictures of their own bodies, they are also ok with sending pics of other people. It looks like this is another attack on personal property, space, and being in the digital age. And it can only get more revealing from here.