10 Turn Ons For Guys That Might Surprise You!

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Turn Ons Revealed

Turn ons for guys revealed

Male sexual desire isn’t as simple as people think. What turns a guy on varies from person to person and it isn’t limited to just body parts either.

Sometimes, it’s the things you do and say that have the greatest effect on a man’s libido.

Some of the most surprising things that drive male sexuality are curiosity and the desire for variety. Here is the deal – your man has a playful, inquisitive mind when it comes to attractiveness and sexual pleasure.

If you want to turn him on, you could just simply show him some flesh, but that trick will get old after awhile and you’ll have to go back to the drawing board for better ways to stimulate his mind.

Luckily, you’ve got us in your corner. Here are 10 surefire turn ons for guys. You’ll be surprised at what’s on this list.

1. Play hostess during his favorite sports game

So, it’s like this – if your guy is big into sports, then you can really score some points with him by getting involved with the next big game.

Some people get this all wrong by trying to learn all the nuances of football during the fourth quarter or asking him a bunch of complicated questions and frowning up your face as you wonder why that guy has his hands so close to that big guys taint.

This can be a huge turn off. Your goal is to go for the turn ons. 

What you need to do is take a step back and play hostess. It’s such a turn on for guys when his partner prepares his favorite gameday snacks, keeps the beer flowing and lets him enjoy the game without unnecessary interruptions.

You might not get much recognition in the moment, but he will pay you back double after the game is over. This works especially well when his friends are involved, too.

He’ll be so proud of how you kept the party going in front of his boys, that he’ll do just about anything you ask once the final buzzer blows.

2. Wear something sexy to bed at night

When you’re in a long-term relationship, most people take less care for their personal appearance. When you first started dating you wore your push-up bra to bed.

Now, you wouldn’t dare. You get comfortable with your partner and you don’t feel like you need to put as much effort into being visually pleasing. This is true for both men and women.

Yet, it can be such a turn on for guys when you wear something eye-popping to bed at night. This works wonders, especially if it’s completely unexpected.

That doesn’t mean you have to engage in intimate activities, but he will show his appreciation in many ways.

Sexy night time attire can serve as a great reminder when his attention starts to wander, and it could also break the monotony of your same-old, same-old bedtime routine.

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You never know what fun you could have until you surprise your man with a brand-new satin romper.

So, hey, when you’re reaching into your stack of comfy PJs, do your man a favor and pass up those sweatpants every once in a while.

3. Do a little dance

Men love to see you dance. This is a no-brainer. Your man wants to see those hips moving. It’s a big turn on whether he joins in or not.

There are a few different ways you can approach dancing. You can just let your man watch you dance to your favorite jams, moving to your own beat as if nobody was watching.

Men like to see you freely expressing yourself, even if your movements aren’t sensual.

Another approach is to dance with your man. You can go to a nightclub together or just turn your living room into an impromptu dance floor.

Dancing together will boost your sexual chemistry and it’s a great way to communicate without using words.

Another approach, the most potent one, is to dance specifically for the pleasure of your man.

This drives guys crazy – in a good way. Most guys like the idea of strippers, but some guys wouldn’t set foot in a strip club because it contradicts their sense of morality.

Also, some folks consider it cheating to have a stranger grinding all up on their man.

Here’s where you can bridge that gap by giving him a strip club experience in a comfortable, guilt-free setting. You don’t have to be a whiz at pole dancing or twerking.

Chances are, he’ll like just about anything you do that involves dancing and slowly removing items of clothing.

4. Join your guy for a workout

Men aren’t always that great at talking or sharing their feeling. That’s because one of the best ways that we communicate is through activity.

Men don’t want an excessive amount of talking, especially as an activity in of itself. Men need an experience to build on the relationship.

Joining your man for a workout or doing a physical activity together is a great way to bond. Plus, seeing you get physical is a huge turn on. He loves to see you in those skintight workout clothes, moving your body and getting sweaty.

Now, the sight of you will turn him on, but when you add some touching to the equation, you’ll get him worked up into a frenzy.

You can take classes together with activities that require physical interaction such as acro-yoga or martial arts. This is an excellent way for him to get his hands on you.

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5. Change up your look

Men like variety. It’s not our fault; it stems from our evolutionary instincts to mate with as many different people as possible.

Most men can resist these basic urges to romantically go astray, but you still might catch his eye roaming around from time to time.

One thing that you can do to keep his attention focused squarely on you is to add some variety to your own appearance. Even something as simple as changing the length or color of your hair can be a big turn on for guys.

It’s like having a romantic desire fulfilled without the guilt of cheating.

Seeing you with glasses on could exercise his fantasy about naughty librarians and give him a reason to give you more affection.

You could ask him what types of characteristics turn him on, but this is less effective than something spontaneous. Another tip is to change your style of attire.

If you’re normally a laid-back type of person, pick out a sultry after 5 outfit or a power business pants suit.

You’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

6. Give good feedback

If you really want to drive your guy wild, give him lots of auditory feedback before and during love making. Sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing that turns him on, but the sounds that you’re making.

Just a few moans and pleasurable sighs have a powerful effect on him. He wants to know that you’re enjoying the experience just as much as he is.

So, tell him when he’s doing something that makes you feel good and let him know how much you want him.

You don’t have to get carried away, but a little dirty talk will send him over the edge when timed correctly.

People often forget that the mind is the most influential erogenous zone. Men have a larger hypothalamus than women and that gives them more testosterone and more desire for intimacy.

When you talk dirty to a man, you’re engaging his body and his mind at the same time. Giving good dirty talk in bed has even been known to make men climax without genital stimulation.

7. Tease him for a while

If you ask a man if he likes being teased, he might say no. That’s not entirely true though. Men are very reward-driven. If he works for something, he wants to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

That’s one of the reasons men like video games so much. There’s a concrete system of rewards built into the gaming experience. He blasts the bad guy and gets 10 tokens and a sparkly sound. It’s what we live for.

You can play on this system of rewards by teasing your man just a little bit. Make it fun, like you’re tugging at him back and forth with your words and gestures.

You can gently whip your hair across his face as you pass by or seductively bend over in full view of him just to pick something up off the floor.

You can tease him with words, but don’t go overboard. Give subtle little jabs when he asks you a question or be sarcastic. Remember, a little goes a long way with teasing.

He doesn’t want to argue or have a fight with you, but a little antagonism will really excite him.

8. Help him relax with an unexpected massage

One way to turn your guy on is to give him a massage, especially when he needs it the most.

When he’s had a stressful day at work, a great massage helps him feel relaxed and wanted. This works in a two-fold manner.

On the one hand, it’s physically gratifying. Feeling your hands on his body can be quite stimulating. It could lead to a more intimate experience and that’s going to be in your man’s head the whole time. So, a massage can be a direct physical turn on.

In another way, a massage makes your guy feel special. To give a convincing massage, you need to make him think that you enjoy making him feel good.

He shouldn’t feel like you’re doing a chore. When he gets a wonderful, long massage from you he gets a confidence boost and feels supported on an emotional level.

It’s one of the rare moments that you’ll witness his vulnerability. He’ll be turned on by the fact that he has such a supportive and affectionate partner.

9. Send him a sexy text message

I’m sure you’ve heard of the adage that men think about something sexual every 7 seconds. In 2012, researchers at Ohio State University put that to the test.

In their study they found that there was a great deal of variation on how much a man thought about lovemaking daily, but the average was about 19 times a day.

You can boost that number significantly if you send him a sexy text message. Nothing turns a man on like feeling a buzz in his pocket, pulling out his smartphone and it’s a text from you that makes his eyes get wide.

He’ll be thinking about that text message all day long.

If you really want to get his blood flowing, then find out what his day is going to be like and time your text message to give him a morale boost.

If he has an especially tense meeting around noon, then send him a sexy text message at 11:45. You’ll put a smile on his face and he’ll surely do something romantic for you in return.

10. Make love in an unusual location

Here’s another one for couples in a long-term relationship. You can boost your mate’s arousal by making love in a new or unusual location.

Think about the last time you got it on outside of your bed. It might be working for the both of you but getting it on in the kitchen or bathroom could be the hottest thing you guys have ever done.

It revitalizes your relationship and brings some excitement back into the equation. You can also book a one-night stay in a hotel and get the same rewards.

Then, there’s doing it in public. That’s a big turn on for some guys. You see couples enjoying fun in the back seat of cars in the movies, but it isn’t always practical for couples in the real world.

That makes it a big turn on though. The greater the danger or chance that you’ll get caught, the more it will turn him on.