10 Non-Alcoholic Ideas For Hanging Out With Your Friend

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Non-Drinking Friend Dates

In the modern age of busy work, work, and more work, it’s hard to find time to hang out with friends. Because of this, we often focus on drinking as our main source of hanging out with friends, dates, and more. But what if that wasn’t the only option? Well, congrats! It’s not!

Yes, there are many other things that you can do to hang out with the ones that you love and enjoy being around. And they don’t all have to enjoy alcohol. To give you a better idea of what to do next for a friend date, here are ten examples.

Study/Work Together

An easy way to get together with a friend is to step up a day where you to work together. Whether you’re working together on a project or working separately in the same space doesn’t matter. Just get together and enjoy each other’s presence as you get some much-needed work done.

Watch A Movie/TV Show/Game

Or, pick a good show or a crappy movie to watch together. If you want to just enjoy a night in, a binge session is a great way to enjoy your time with friends.

A Day Trip

Or maybe you want to get out of the house. If so, pull up your phone’s GPS and find a nearby town or landmark to explore. From the car/train ride to exploring the location, you’ll have plenty to do and talk about while out with your friend(s).


Or maybe you want more of an activity to enjoy with your friend. If so, exercising is a great way to do it. Get your friend over to the gym and support each other as you get/stay fit.

Play A Sport Together

Going along with the exercising idea, maybe you want to play a sport together. This could be just a one-on-one basketball game between friends or it could be joining a local kickball league with your buddy. Both work.


But maybe you’re not the athletic type. That’s ok. Consider going shopping then. Whether you want to buy tech equipment or clothes at a thrift store, there are plenty of options for shopping adventures with friends. Consider something you and your friend would both be interested in buying.

Get Dinner

And when you’re done exploring or buying things, why not go and get a meal? Fact, you can make the meal the main event. From getting dinner with friends to getting coffee. Having something to drink or eat makes getting together and talking easier for friends.

Make Dinner

One other idea would be to make dinner yourselves. Have a pizza night or offer to cook for your friend. If you say food, your friend is more likely to want to come over.

Get Cultured

Or maybe you want to better yourself and your friend while you hang out. If so, consider going to check out a museum or possibly going to see a play. If it’s the latter, you can consider it a cultured event and an entertainment event.

Take A Class Together

Lastly, you could always consider taking a class together. Whether it’s a cooking class, a exercise class, musical class, wellness class, or whatever else, you can better yourself while bettering your relationship.

And no matter what, remember that the main goal is just to hang out with your friend.

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