10 Things To Do At Home This COVID-19 Season

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Things To Do At Home

The Coronavirus situation just keeps getting more intense. While a week ago, Americans and Westerners weren’t as concerned about the virus, this week has us talking about self-imposed quarantines. The idea is to create “social distance” as a way to lower the spread of COVID-19. By creating a fair distance between ourselves and others, we can do our part to lower the infection rate of this quickly spreading disease. But that then begs the question, what do we do with all our time at home? Well, here’s eight ideas for you.

Watch A Show (Or Two)

One easy idea to consider is to find a show or movie that you can watch at home. Is there a show you’ve been meaning to get to? Something worth binging in its entirety? Did you and your roommates or family want to sit down and have a Star Wars marathon? Now’s the perfect time to get down to it!

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Or, maybe you’ve been stalling on those writing plans. Maybe you want to work on that book you’ve been putting off. Maybe, it’s time to finish that movie script. With all the time you have at home, you can certainly get to writing. So do it!


Another idea is to get your read on. There is a whole world of books out there. From self-help books to books about tools and trades or narrative books with a story. See if your local library has an e-book section or purchase an e-book/audiobook online.

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Utilize Virtual Tours

Another idea to play with is to go on a virtual tour. Since many establishments like museums are closing down for the next few weeks, they are promoting their online tours. Look to see if you’re local museum or zoo has a virtual tour that will educate you and make you feel like you’re in their world.

Work From Home

And, of course, many jobs can stay productive despite not being at the office. You have such a job, go ahead and work from home. One thing that this whole situation has reminded us of is the fact that remote working is a viable part of the workforce.

Play A Game

But maybe you want to relax while you’re at home. If so, consider playing a game. It could be playing a card game with friends or maybe playing a video game by yourself. You can also play a game online in order to stay connected with the outside world.

Skype/Call Friends

Going with that, it’s not like you have to stay in total solitude for the next few weeks. You CAN stay connected with friends and loved ones. Give your friends a call or use video/streaming options like Skype or Google Hangout to socialize through the internet.

Experiment In The Kitchen

Or, maybe you want to work on some skills while you are waiting. If so, consider getting in the kitchen and using this time to try out a new recipe. Cooking can be fun and all this time holed up in your house is the perfect time to get reacquainted with your kitchen.

Exercise At Home

Or, you can use this time to learn the best tricks, tips, and techniques for exercising at home. You’ve got to stay healthy while being at home more, so consider looking up at home exercise routines that will keep you moving.

Share Art With Friends

One great way that people are managing this coronavirus craziness is by sharing art with each other. Create a Spotify playlist and have friends add music to it. Create a poetry group. Create a book club that meets over Skype. Create groups to encourage each other into working on art, and whatever else you can come up with. Basic thing is, make and share art!

At Home Living

Ultimately, this idea of lowering the curve of infection rates by staying at home is about caring for yourself and your community. But doing so doesn’t have to mean going stir crazy in your bedroom. Consider one of these many options for spending your day inside and see which works great for you!

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