5 Beers for Beginners to Try


In the mood for something new?

Depending on who you ask, beer is either an acquired taste or something like Stockholm Syndrome. With its bitter taste and various alcohol contents, people who have never or rarely drink beer may avoid it all together.

However, for those who want to gain an appreciation for beer without diving into microbrewery specials we have compiled five beers for beginners to try.

1. Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a white beer brewed by MillerCoors with a 5.4% alcohol by volume. It is a lighter-tasting beer that does not have heavy bitter notes. Blue Moon is often described as having a creamy and spiced flavor owing to the brewing process that includes oats and orange peel.

However, this is not a fruit-flavored beer, but a good introductory beer nonetheless.

2. Guinness

This beer is often served in the United States around St. Patrick's Day, but it is a solid beginner beer to enjoy any other time. Guinness is a stout beer with a typical alcohol by volume of 4.1% to 4.2%. It is known for having a sweet, filling, creamy, and roasted taste to it that is brought on by roast malt extract and roasted barley.

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If you want a beer without an overpowering alcohol taste, this is a good place to start.

3. Coney Island Lager

Like many lagers, the Coney Island variety is a beverage without the “beery” tastes. It comes with a 5.5% alcohol by volume that won't leave your head spinning. The taste is often described as having a nice caramel and malt finish, and it has a distinct aroma. Coney Island is refreshing and drinkable, making it perfect for hot days when you are mowing the lawn and in need of refreshment.

4. Fist City Pale Ale

Revolution Fist City is brewed by Revolution brewing company and comes with a 5.5% alcohol by volume. Like many pale ales, this beer is not bitter and comes with a rich and complex flavor.

It comes with a unique mixture of Chinkook, Cascade, Citra, and Centennial hops that provide the beer with a citrus flavor that lets beginners enjoy a sophisticated-tasting beer without going to specialty beers.

5. Sam Adams Boston Lager

Sam Adams Boston Lager is famous for its use of Noble hops that are hand-selected by the brewers, an expensive and time-consuming process. The beer offers a sweeter, malt-based flavor that is counterbalanced with notes of roasted malt. Together, the beer offers a crisp and lightly bitter taste that does not overwhelm the palate.

With a 4.9% alcohol by volume, it is certainly a beer that can be enjoyed throughout an entire evening.


Beer is a beverage that may not be for everyone, but is approachable enough to be tried by all. Most people can find a “go-to” beer simply because there are such a variety of beers available today.

Even with the rise of microbreweries, it is important to keep in mind that there are mainstream beers like the ones above that will help introduce your taste buds to beer.