5 Simple Things You Should Do For Your Partner Each Day

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Keeping love alive takes effort

Falling in love with a person is easy. But staying in love is another story. That’s because after the initial honeymoon period is over, the magic can start to fade.

For many couples, this is the point in time where the realities of the relationship set in. With the blinders off, you begin to see your mate for who she is instead of how you wished her to be.

So how can you keep the bond strong? Is there anything you can do to encourage love that goes beyond mere physical intimacy?

The answer to that questions is: yes.

What follows are 5 things you should say to your partner every single day. Doing so will help fortify your relational bond.

Moreover, they encourage mindful loving; an important concept to grasp if your relationship to go the distance.

Before continuing, it’s important to state this can’t be a one-way street. She, too, needs to put forth an effort. But somebody needs to be the initiator – why not you?

1. Say good morning

This point seems simple but it’s one of the most important on the list. Remember, each new day is a gift. Tomorrow is not promised.

Saying good morning to your mate sends the message you care. Variations can be used or adapted.

Examples include:

  • Hey baby – how did you sleep?
  • Morn’n babe – you look great (even if he doesn’t)
  • Rise and shine (you can text this if he isn’t with you)

2. How was your day?

It’s easy to get caught up in our own daily drama. When this happens, we sometimes forgot our partner may have drama, too. Before you start talking about what happened at work for you, pause for a moment and ask your girlfriend: How was your day?

Doing so sends a powerful message that you give a sh**. It also tells her that you are genuinely interested in her life. This tips doesn’t have to be complicated.

Examples (in person or text):

  • Have a good day at work?
  • How did it go today?
  • What was your day like babe?

3. Offer praise or encouragement

Like any living thing, your partner requires nurturing and encouragement to grow. This means giving her kudos when appropriate. It also means a little praise.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes work.

Love – as in real love that lasts the test of time – means stepping outside of ourselves allowing the person we are with to have their moment.

If you want to keep your relationship, praise and encouragement are critical.


  • I’m so proud of you for that promotion
  • You are going to rock them at the office today
  • You are just as pretty as you were the day I met you.

4. Small task

Demonstrating you love your girlfriend comes in many different forms. One powerful way to show your feelings is to do the mundane crap she usually ends up doing.

The choices are endless – from ironing her shirt to grabbing her a bottle of water from the fridge. The idea here isn’t to create codependency. Instead, it’s to show in a tactile way she matters.

Obviously, it can’t be a one-sided. This isn’t about becoming her mommy. Instead, it’s about recognizing it’s the little things that add up over the course of time.

Practical examples:

  • If she usually makes the bed, you do it one day
  • If she usually scrubs out the toilette, you do it
  • If you are home before she arrives, tidy the place up

5. Gesture of love (in some some)

There should never be a day that passes when you don’t tell your mate you love them. It doesn’t have to be all cheesy. A simple kiss on the lips or forehead speaks volumes.


  • Before she nods off to sleep, say “Sweet dreams”
  • A meaningful hug
  • Caressing her hand for no reason

 Wrap Up

Ask most women what they really crave in a relationship and I can assure you it’s not “sexy time”. That’s not to say physical intimacy isn’t important – it is.

That said, it’s the emotional connection … the affection … that most of us really desire. And again – it takes two.

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