5 Testicular Cancer Symptoms That You Might Not Know

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Signs of Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Most men have heard the phrase, check regularly for testicular cancer or a line like, “You know your body best.” But, not many know what signs to actually look for.

Even though testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer for men between the ages of 15 and 35, there isn’t a lot of information out there about detecting it. Before writing up this article, this writer just thought guys had to grope their balls for a few seconds and check for lumps.

Thanks to a little research, and a wonderfully helpful article by Men’s Health, I now know better. And, I’m happy to share that info with all of you.

Here’s a list of five symptoms and signs that you might have testicular cancer. (Of course, check with a doctor for confirmation).

1. Changes in Size

No, this doesn’t mean that your testicles are different compared to the other. Just like boobs, its ok if one ball is bigger than the other. That said, if your testicles suddenly change shape, you might have a problem.

For instance, maybe your balls are one size today, and then the following week they've gotten bigger (or smaller). This can be a sign that your hormone levels are out of whack.

2. Chest Growth And Aching

Speaking of breasts, how are yours feeling? That’s right, you can even have signs of testicular cancer in your chest and not just below your waist.

In some cases, testicular cancer can alter your pecs/breasts by making them feel tender or even grow larger. This is because of the hormone imbalance created in the body. Now that there’s more estrogen being created, breast development increases (and even the sex drive can be negatively impacted!).

3. Lower Back Pain

Signs of a problem also don’t have to outwardly obvious. Thanks to the talk about hormone imbalances, we know that problems within your body can be telltale signs too. For instance, feelings of pain can be symptoms.

If you’re feeling pain in your chest, your lower back, or in your legs, you might have a bigger problem at hand.

4. Shortness of Breath & Coughing

Also if you have problems with your lungs, you might have problems with your testicles.

Having a faulty lung capacity can be a sign of a more advanced stage of testicular cancer. The cancer may no longer be in just your balls, but have spread up to your lymph nodes and lungs. If that’s the case, your situation has become even more serious.

5. Feeling Pressure in Your Stomach

If you feel like your testicles have some heft to them, you might have a problem. But this problem doesn't happen with just your balls.

If you feel pressure in either your crotch or your lower abdomen, you might be feeling a common sign of testicular cancer. This could be because of extra fluid or enlarged lymph nodes.

Overall, keep in mind to keep watch of your body. Yes, you know your body most and if something is wrong, take note of it.

That said, if you’re showing just one of these symptoms, don’t go crying cancer. See if you're displaying another one of these symptoms. In addition, check with your primary health physician to get his or her medical advice.

h/t: Men’s Health