5 Upper Body Exercises For More Strength In The Bedroom

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If you want to gain more power, do these 5 exercises

Are you trying to exert more power under the sheets? Hoping to make a good impression? Need more stamina so that you can go the distance?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! The hard truth is that for many men, trying to maintain a commanding position during intimacy isn’t easy. This is particularly true if your partner prefers the “take charge” type.

While technique is certainly important when it comes to getting it on, what’s often left out of the equation are the physiological concepts. Here, I’m talking about strength and power.

Let’s quickly take a look at both definitions and assess their importance. Afterwards, I’ll give you five simple upper body exercises that you can do at home.

That’s right – you don’t even need to belong to a gym. Let’s jump right in!


The term strength basically means your muscle’s ability to exert force. Not a super clinical definition but you get the gist. Example: The maximum amount of weight you can bench press one time is 100 lbs.

That 100 lbs. you just bench pressed is considered the maximum amount of weight you can lift in one rep. You were able to do this because of your strength.


On the flip side of strength is power. Power can be defined as the rate of preforming a given task with your muscles. At its core, power is the product of force and velocity.

Example: You can bench press 50 lbs. a total of 4 times and do it with the full range of motion. Your ability to do those four reps is a function of your power.

See the difference?

If you are going to be on top, your goal should be to combine strength and power

All of this is leading to my main point. If you want to channel more assertiveness, you’ll need to focus on building strength and power, particularly in your upper body.

Doing so will allow you to better please your mate and not tire out in the process. Bear in mind there is a conditioning process that takes place so don’t expect overnight results.

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Before I walk you through the five upper body exercises specifically designed for power, it’s important to have a basic overview of the upper body muscles.

I’m not going to list out every single one of them. Instead, I’ll focus on the “biggies” and directly link them to how you’ll use them while topping.

Refer to the graphic below as when learning about each exercise.

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1. Basic Pushup (Pecs)

One of the best exercises you can do to build strength and power in the chest area are simple pushups. Plus, you’ll be working your biceps, triceps and back all at the same time!

See video below for an example. I recommend doing at least 50 a day on 4 days a week. If you’re new to this exercise, start out with 10 a day and then gradually add 5 additional pushups to that number each week.

You can also quickly get to 50 by splitting things up in groups of 10.

Example: 10 pushups @ 9 am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm

By building your pecs up, you give your bottom something visual to focus on while you’re deep inside!

2. Band Bicep Curls (Biceps)

If you want your bottom to have something meaty to brace himself with while you do your thing, focus on your arms! A simple way to build both strength and power (plus size) is to do band curls.

The video below gives you a basic overview of this exercise. If you don’t have a band (aka resistance band) you can easily get one online. I personally like the Dynapro brand because of its durability (see Amazon for pricing).

Try doing 10 reps twice a day, focusing on your biceps. Frequency is up to you but many tops find four times a week effective.

Example: Mon, Wed, Sat and Sun.

When you beef out your biceps, you allow your mate something to hook onto during the ride. Make sense?

3. Dips (Triceps)

One of the most attractive parts of a man’s physique are his triceps. When they’re properly exercised, they often take on a horseshoe quality.

A super easy way to build up your triceps is by doing simple dips! And the best part is you can do them almost anywhere. No special equipment is needed. All that is required is an object that provides height – like a chair.

While there’s no cookie cutter approach for doing dips, I recommend a program where you do something like 50 a day. And just like the previously mentioned pushups, you can group these into workable groups of 10.

Blowing out your triceps through dips helps increase your overall upper body strength, which in turns boosts power. See how this works?

4. Crunches (Abdominals/Obliques)

If you want your mate to get really excited, show them a tight tummy! Notice I didn’t say “six pack”. Sure, having washboard abs are nice but they’re also a lot of work.

Instead, a more realistic goal is to have definition around the midsection. Not only will it look good, you’ll also have more upper body power when thumping your man.

An effective way to get those ab muscles popping is by doing simple crunches. See video below.

You’ll find tons of information on the web on how to do crunches but in my experience, basic is always better. Try starting off with 10 a day and gradually increase that number by five until you reach an end goal of 50.

It might take you several weeks (or months) to hit 50 but so what? There’s no such thing as instant results, right?

When you add definition to your abs, you’ll be doing much to boost power and strength – particularly if you are on top!

5. Pullups (Traps and Delts)

Some people love placing their hands on a man’s shoulder area. This is particularly true during high intensity intimacy. They need something to hold onto, right?

That’s why when you get on top, you’ll want to focus on building up those trapeziums muscles and deltoids. The more definition you can sculpt, the better.

One way to accomplish this is by doing pullups. You can do these on a set of monkey bars if there’s a park near you or you can pick up a pair of doorway frames (see Amazon).

Try doing 5 of these a day (if possible) and like the other exercises mentioned above, jack up that number over the course of time. If you can get to 10 pull-ups on 5 out of 7 days of the week, you’re doing great!

FYI: Pullups are your secret weapon and can add all sorts of benefits to the intimate experience. If you’re not already doing these, it’s time you should!

Wrapping Things Up

If you are looking to up your game during intimacy, increasing power and strength through upper body exercises matters. This means focusing on the arms, chest and back area like a laser.

Hopefully, the tips I’ve suggested here will help you make a lasting impression under the sheets!

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