5 Ways to Stop Being Predictable In Your Relationship

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Stop Being Predictable In Your Love Life

Predictability is something you want to avoid in your relationship. If you are too predictable, you will likely be seen as boring. Let’s face it, no one wants to date someone that’s uninteresting and forever set in his ways.

It’s kind of like watching paint dry on a wall – it gets old real fast!

But that doesn’t mean you need to become a risk-taking adventurer in order to become more exciting. A few adjustments here and there is all that it takes to create positive change.

Here are five ways that you can stop being predictable in your dating life.

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1. If she texts you at the same time, stop replying

The reason the person you're dating texts you at ten every night is because she knows you will reply. If you stopped replying each time, he would work a little harder to text you at a more decent time.

By being predictable with your responses, you show her that she can spend time with other people and activities before finally contacting you. Stop replying to her “same time” texts that were caused by your predictability. Sit back and watch – you’ll notice a big change on her part and likely for the better!

2. Suggest something he would never expect

You might love your weekly pizza and rented movie date night  but that can get kind of old in a hurry. If your partner has an interest in museums or car shows, surprise her with a trip to one. You can also suggest doing something that neither of you has experienced before. Example: What’s wrong with the zoo?

Trying new things together can be a great bonding experience just as sharing in each other interests is. By suggesting something different from your regular date night you will be a more exciting boyfriend. This might even help the person you're seeing to open up and make suggestions as well, which will lead to a more exciting dating life and relationship.

3. Encourage her to go out with his friends

Encouraging your mate to go out with her friends is a great move when dating. If she's never had a boyfriend who has made the suggestion, you'll suddenly become the understanding lover who isn't clingy and needy. It's not every boyfriend who suggests to his man go out with the boys, so you will definitely be seen as unique.

And anyway, it's important for partners in a relationship to spend time with their own friends.

FYI: If you've stopped seeing your friends as much as you used to, get your circle of buddies again and have a night out on the town.

4. Don't tell her every move before you make it

Being close to the person you're dating is one thing, but keeping her up to date on every step you take makes you very predictable. By not telling her everything you're doing before you do it you leave a little mystery in your relationship.

You don't have to tell her every mundane detail of your daily life. Give her a chance to wonder what you're doing and ask questions. Let her organically become curious about how you spend your day.

5. Be open to different sexual experiences

When you have intimate moments, do you always take the same position? Does she always rest on the top bunk while you hang out on the bottom? Is there a part of you who wonders if she’s getting bored?

While there’s nothing wrong with vanilla, it’s OK once in a while to step outside of your comfort zone. This means being open to new experiences in the bedroom and allowing yourself to step into roles that aren’t traditionally in your wheelhouse. Why not change things up by switching positions or engaging in some friendly role play?

Final Thoughts 

Being predictable will lead to less frequent second dates and won't help you to keep your relationship interesting. One of the best ways to spice up any relationship is too become unpredictable. Your mate will be fascinated by you all over again.