Straight Guys Increasingly Like Receptive Anal (Study)

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Nearly 25% reported experiencing some form of anal pleasure.

A new study published in the academic journal Sexualities suggests that straight men are increasing open to receiving receptive anal stimulation.

Moreover, homophobic thinking about being anally stimulated pleasure as a man seems to be going by the wayside.

Study specifics

The report, entitled: Relaxing the straight male anus: Decreasing homohysteria around anal eroticism, offers a unique perspective into what college aged heterosexual men think about having their anuses touched and/or penetrated.

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The study was conducted by three university professors associated with The Ohio State University, Washington University and University of Winchester, respectively.

Purpose of study

The goal of this investigation was to assess the practice and perception of receptive anal eroticism among 170 heterosexual undergraduate men at a U.S. college.

It’s important to state that “receptive” can include a myriad of possibilities, including fingers, tongues or other objects.

As part of this study, the principle investigators also wanted to know about social stigmas linked to male anal-focused pleasure through the lens of homohysteria.

What is homohysteria?

In short, homohysteria a psychological term used to describe cultural myths surrounding specific sexual behaviors that are tied (inaccurately)to homosexuality.

Example: Guys who like their butt played with “must be gay”.


In their published findings, the authors of the study state the following:

“Our data finds self-identified straight university-aged men questioning cultural narratives that conflate anal receptivity with homosexuality and emasculation”

They also reveal that nearly 25% of the heterosexual male participants had, at least once, experienced some form of anal pleasure.

“These results suggest that cultural taboos around men’s anal pleasure may be shifting for younger men and the boundaries of straight identity expanding.

We call for further research to clarify how anal erotic norms are shifting among men of different racial, geographic, socioeconomic, and age demographics, and to determine how these shifts may foster more pluralistic and inclusive views of gender and sexuality,” the researchers shared.

The findings of this study seem to support other lines of research that suggest self-identified heterosexual men are increasingly open to new experiences.

For example, a 2016 scientific investigation revealed that nearly 20% of men admitted to watching “man on man” action in adult video.

And in 2014, a study of male college athletes showed that heterosexual college guys seriously enjoy spooning with other jocks.

While the sample size for the Sexualities study was small, the results may none the less offer important behavioral insights into receptive anal stimulation among heterosexual men.

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