5 Cold And Healthy Treats To Escape The Heat

We are in the dead middle of Summer here in America, and us men need to cool off. But what’s the best way to relax and reboot when we’re being attacked by constant heat? Eating!

Yes, there’s plenty of friends and family showing off their bodies in beach photos on social media, but there aren’t enough photos of guys enjoying food during these hot summer nights. And if you’re thinking, “Who’s thinking of eating in this weather?” Then, you haven’t known the joy of a cold treat on a hot day.

But what if you’re trying to keep your Summer bod and stay cool at the same time? You can’t go out for water ice or ice cream when you want to keep the weight off. But, there are plenty of frozen or cold treats and meals to have when you’re trying to stay cool and healthy. Here are a few ideas.

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

The first cold treat idea is so simple that it only includes one ingredient. Bananas!

Banana ice cream is a treat that anyone can make. All you need is a bundle of bananas and a blender. Just peel and cut up four bananas, put the cut pieces in a Ziploc bag and leave them in the freezer for four hours, put them in the blender, and then blend them into a creamy consistency.

If you’re a fan of bananas, you’ll like this treat. It has the smooth consistency of yogurt or soft serve. If you’re not too into the taste of banana, you can add extra ingredients or toppings like honey, cinnamon, nuts, or whatever else you can think up.

And for an advanced take, you can switch up the fruit for something else like frozen berries for a quick sorbet.

DIY Fruit Popsicles

Thinking along those lines, we also have fruit popsicles. Take yourselves back to those childhood days of chasing the ice cream truck for a frozen popsicle. Only this time, you’ll be the ice cream man everyone’s chasing.

Instead of the typical stuff that have all kinds of ingredients that we can’t name, make a popsicle yourself and know everything that’s going into your mouth. And honestly, it doesn’t have to be much. Just like with the banana ice cream, this treat only takes a few ingredients and steps. Fruit, water, some sort of sweetener. That’s it, really. (Except for the popsicle stick, of course).

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

If you like that idea but aren’t a fan of fruit juices, maybe frozen yogurt will be more up your alley. Take the similar idea of freezing stuff around a popsicle stick, but this time the stuff is frozen Greek yogurt.

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars are just as easy and as delicious as anything else. All you have to do is mix up the ingredients and pour them into a mold. As for the ingredients, it's whatever you want. Maybe you just want simple greek yogurt, a dash of vanilla, and some honey. Maybe you want a bunch of berries mixed into give Summer feel to the treat. The choice is up to you.

Froyo Fruit Cups

But if you want a cold treat in a bite-sized form, this next idea is the best option. Instead of making a whole bar, consider making a little cup of froyo.

In a typical cupcake/muffin tray, place the wrappers and dump in greek yogurt. Then, top the yogurt with the fruit (or other toppings) of your choice. Then, freeze the babies for two hours. That’s it!

These cups are great for an on-the-go cold snack and are great for dads looking to feed their kids something healthy this summer season. So give them a try and see if you like them!

Cold Meals

Lastly, it’s important to know that there is a long list of cold meals out there to enjoy as well. You don’t have to just settle for sweet treats to relax in this blazing heat. You can enjoy whole meals made to chill off any burning man.

Anything from Asian cold noodles, to avocado toast, to corn soup, salads, gazpacho, poké bowls, and more will fit under this category. There’s a host of great meals made in culinary history specifically for this purpose, so go out and find them!

Dump these treats and make some healthy ones.

Cold Treats & Meals For The Summer

Whether you're out braving the heat for work or enjoying a relaxing trip by the water, the rising temperature’s coming for everyone. So, might as well enjoy it with the help of cold food. And if you’re like me, and trying to not indulge in all the unhealthy, cold, sweets, this list is a good start to finding what’s cold and good to eat but also good for you.

Hope it helps!

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