Can a Face Mask Help Men Achieve Better Self-Esteem?

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Men, self-care and face masks

Assuming you are a man reading this article, I’d like you to consider this question: How would you feel if your therapist suggested that you use a face mask for better self-esteem?

Would you feel weird? Might the request itself seem odd? Would you get up from your seat and bolt for the door? If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone.

Let’s face it, asking a guy to put on a clay mask for mental might seems a bit bizarre.

But here’s the thing – research tells us that when men engage in regular self-care activities, they experience a major lift in mood. Specifically, I’m talking about mindfulness based approaches to wellness.

One of the main reasons guys seek out counseling relates to issues surrounding self-perception. This is particularly true for men who are past the age of thirty-five and start to notice the telltale signs of aging.

And let’s be honest – one of the first things people notice when meeting someone new is their face. Think about it for a minute. When you encounter someone for the first time, don’t you spend time considering their appearance?

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Lines, wrinkles, blotchiness and discoloration all help to make up part of our initial impression. If you perceive your appearance (meaning your mug) to be in serious need of help, doesn’t it make sense that your self-view influences your mood?

But what can you really do?

Well, diet and exercise are certainly important. In fact, that’s probably 75% of the equation. But it takes a variety of actions working in tandem to create positive change – not only physically but emotionally.

Which brings us to the main point in this article. If you are feeling bad about your looks, start engaging in self-care. This means getting in regular physical activity, eating healthier foods and using skin care products that are designed to cleanse and restore.

Some of the best face masks for men can be found at your local pharmacy or at online retailers such as Amazon. FYI: It may help you to determine your skin type (oily, dry, combo).

Once you start using a product, it’s important to create a regular skin care routine that becomes part of your daily life. This goes back to having everything work in conjunction, meaning what you eat and physical activity. Obviously, stress also plays a role.

So, for what it is worth – if you are working with a therapist on self-esteem problems, be open to suggestions that are a bit off the wall. This includes dawning a charcoal face mask.

Doing so may help you not only look better – but can also help you to feel better.