Gay Trump Supporters At “Deplorables Ball” Insist He Won’t Harm LGBT Community

gay trump supporters

Left leaning gays are engaging in “Chicken Little histrionics”

Did you hear? There was a big gay, republican shindig on inauguration day for Donald Trump. It happened at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Maryland.

Inside, gay, Trump loving supporters whooped it up in celebration of their candidate’s election to the presidency of the United States at the “Deplorables Ball”.

Time Magazine filed a report from the event as did Chicago’s very own, WGN News. The emerging theme from the party was a giant message that gay folks have absolutely nothing to worry about now. Trump won’t hurt you.

Andy Bar, a gay Trump ally shared:

“We saw Mr. Trump holding the LGBT flag. Let’s see how it goes in the future.”

And what about Mr. Trump’s pick of rabidly anti-gay Mike Pence as his Vice President? Well, to hear Mr. Bar and others like him tell it: ““He [Trump]will not be the executive. Let’s give Mr. Pence the benefit of the doubt.”

And WGN TV reports that Chris Baron, co-founder of the now-defunct conservative LGBT group GOProud and a former Trump surrogate, shared that LGBT community should not worry about Pence.

“Trump is in charge now. When people tell me they are worried that Mike Pence is the Vice President, I remind them that Trump is the president,” he said. “Trump is not going to be signing anything into law that hurts the LGBT community.”

There was no mention by attendees in either news stories of Mr. Trump’s recently meeting with rabidly anti-gay SCOTUS candidate, William Pryor – a judge who has gone on record with suggesting that gays should be jailed (see post).

Credit: Time Magazine

And there wasn’t so much as a peep said about how GOP leaders in Texas are going after a same sex benefits case with the state’s Supreme Court, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

We searched high and low and also couldn’t see any commentary from attendees about the bulk of Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks being opposed to LGBT rights.

Apparently, people concerned about LGBT rights that lean left are engaging in “chicken Little histrionics”, according to Gregory T. Angelo, President of the Log Cabin Republicans.

“What you are seeing already from the left is Chicken Little histrionics that are not actually rooted in any tangible political philosophy or legislative agenda that President Trump could push in support of LGBT community”.

We tried to find commentary from attendees (with no luck) about a recent article written by Family Research Council’s leader, Tony Perkins – a strong Trump supporter – who just last month penned a piece detailing his wish that LGBT people be purged from the State Department.

And nothing could be found in the transcripts about what Trump supporters thought of well known anti-LGBT religious personalities, Jerry Falwell Jr or Pat Robertson.

As reported by Time:

“Most of the ball's attendees actually praised Trump for his stance on LGBT issues—pointing to his appearance with the rainbow “LGBT for Trump” flag just prior before the election—while others complained about the perception that all gay people are liberals.”

See liberal LGBT America – you have absolutely zero whatsoever to worry about. Trump held that gay pride flag. That means he’s on your side, right?

Photo Credit: The Wrap