How To Be A Good Roommate

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Tips For Being A Good Roommate

In today’s modern world, more and more adults are sticking with roommates instead of buying or renting their own place. This is because of the growing cost of living. But when you do get a roommate, there are aspects you need to remember in order to keep everyone happy. To help you do that, here are 10 tips for keeping your roommates happy.

Open And Quick Communication

First and foremost, it’s important to actually talk to your roommates. You will be living together for the next year or more, so you want to be able to talk to them about your living situation. If you have a problem with something, you have to bring it up in the moment or soon after. DON’T let it bubble up. Instead, talk to them.

Set Boundaries

On that matter, it’s good to set up standard and boundaries early. If you have to get up early in the morning, make sure to ask your roommate to be mindful of noise late at night. Also ask about other boundaries like food in the refrigerator. Will you buy groceries together? Cook together? Or keep things separate with the help of labels? Ask these things early.

Talk And Respect Cleaning Standards

The same for cleaning standards. What kind of household do you want to live in? One where dishes are never in the sink? One where there’s a bit more of a relaxed take on cleaning? Make sure to talk about it. And then stick to it.

Talk Finances And Utilities Early

Make sure that you talk to your roommates about the financial side of living together. How will you pay rent? Who will be in charge of paying utilities? Will you split it or have one person pay and then pay that person later? These are important questions to ask.

Use Pay Apps Or Start A Money Pool

It would also be a good idea to establish a baseline way of paying for the earlier situations. If one roommate covers the electric, talk about how you’ll pay them back. Paypal? Cash? Or maybe, consider starting a money jar/pool to cover these costs. This could also help with other household expenses like groceries.

Put The Rules In Writing

Once you’ve had all those important talks in order, it would be a good idea to write it all down. Having a copy of these important talks and topics can help if there are any problems or arguments that come up later. Having a record of what was said and set will save you in the long run.

Respect Each Other’s Stuff

Moving on from the set up to the living type of issues, it’s also good that you respect what is yours and what isn’t. Don’t go into your fridge and eat your roommate’s leftovers. That’s just rude. And the same can be said for other things like using a rommmate’s tv or musical instrument. Sharing is caring, but respecting each other’s stuff is even better. Ask before you do anything. And be careful when you’re doing.

Don’t Overuse Common Space

On top of that, remember that shared space is shared space. Don’t hang out in the living room like it’s your bedroom, no matter how cold or small your bedroom may be. If you become the roommate that ends up sleeping on the couch more than your own bed, you are creating a problem. Respect that the living room and other common space areas are not to be overused.

Be Careful With Visitors

The same can be said for when you bring people over. Now, you don’t have to, and you shouldn’t have to, notify your roommate every time you want to have someone over. But, you should learn to have your guests respect that this space belongs to you and your roommates. Don’t party too hard and wake up a roommate at night. And don’t leave your guests unattended for your roommate to find. Be mindful of that kind of stuff.

You Don’t Have To Be Close

And at the end of the day, know that you DON’T have to be close friends with your roommates. Being roommates is about sharing a living space together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a home but it is a house or apartment that you share. Be respectful of each other in that space and everything will be fine. Even if you two or more aren’t the best of friends.

Respecting Roommates

At the end of the day, respecting roommates is what this article boils down to. You have to respect your roommates and the space/time that you share together. We hope this article helps you to do just that.

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