Do You Have a Hypnofetish?


Hypnofetish revealed

One of the prominent themes among the adventurous is the use of hypnosis to turn a normally dominant person into a submissive. Examples include transforming a bodybuilder into a willing participant or a construction worker into a pleasure giving machine.

Just do an Internet search on the topic and you’ll get scores of results.

So why all the interest? What is it about this topic so alluring? Is it really about power and control or is something else going on?

The answer is maybe.

According to an article penned by Dr. Mark D. Griffiths in Psychology Today, some people have a hypnofetish. You may be wondering what that means?

Here’s a definition, paraphrased from different sources that appear in literature.

Hypnofetish: Deriving feelings of sexual arousal and pleasure from hypnosis. The “turn on” can happen from seeing it performed on another or by experiencing first hand through hypnotic induction.


As mentioned in the Psychology Today article:

“Some hypnofetishists are interested in erotic hypnosis, in which post hypnotic suggestions of a sexual nature are given to the subject, but no explicit sexual content is necessary in hypnofetishism”.

Much of what makes up a hypnofetish is based on fantasy, according to Griffith’s research. For example, the ability to make a dominant person magically submissive would fall into the realm of love spells.

By extension, having a hypnofetish lends itself to another world that’s not well known called hypnokink. Oh, you haven’t of that? Basically, “hypnokink” is an erotic based narrative with a hypnotic bent.

We did some checking and found out there’s lots of fiction books one can buy online. Amazon, for example, carries loads hypnokink material. An example can be found in the collection of short stories in the read, Boys in a Trance.

Going back to the Psychology Today article, Dr. Griffiths shares the following:

“Hypnofetishism certainly appears to have a small but significant following online as there are lots of bespoke online sites containing hypnofetish (and hypnotic dominance and submission) stories (both fictional and autobiographical that sometimes include elements of telepathy and subliminal messaging), and hypnofetish images, photographs, and videos, as well as various discussion groups and forums.”

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All of this is to simply say that the hypnotic themes you see in many movies (adult or otherwise) may appear there for a reason. Apparently, movie makers know there’s a decent sized number of folks who get turned on by it.


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