What’s The Internet’s Best Advice For A Man In His 20s?

Internet Advice For 20-Somethings

What do men of the internet think a 20-something man should do with his life? What words of direction can they give him when he has no ties to hold him down? “Whatever he wants,” apparently.

A newly trending post on the Ask Men subreddit asks “What does a 26-year-old man with no credit, no debt, no children, no lover or family, and hardly any direction do in life?” And honestly, we wish we were so lucky.

But what did the men of the internet have to say in response to this question? If you’re older than 26, you probably have a pretty solid idea. The gist? Start exploring life and finding the things that make you happy. Then, jump headfirst into them.

 “Go find somewhere pretty!” wrote one Reddit user. “A beach, the coast of Ireland, Paris, somewhere you love that makes you feel every day you wake up. It doesn’t matter what you do for money. Barista, school crossing guard, working at a marina, it doesn’t matter. Surround yourself with what is beautiful to you. And LIVE your life. See things. Explore that alley you’ve always wanted to go down. See what’s around that next corner. Meet people. Befriend them. Share dinners together. That’s what will make you happy when you’re on your death bed. All those memories. All that beauty you surrounded yourself in. All the happiness you had. Live YOUR dream!”

Another Redditor then backed this idea by saying:

“Absolutely. Quit waiting for things to come to you and do your best to learn yourself now — the things you like, hobbies, passions, etc. See what you can build for yourself from this. Your ongoing mental health will benefit immensely from just thoroughly knowing yourself and setting your life up accordingly.”

Don’t End Up Unhappy

From there, men started discussing feelings of being unhappy with the way life has led them so far.

“im working in the office for quite good salary (as for my country), and im also 27m with no debts, no credit, no children, no gf, literally no obligatons and as I read this thread I feel like I'm doing something wrong, like… I don't have to do this… All I do is work and save money, for what… work is ok, i dont love it, i dont hate it. I do it for money. Sometimes stressful but nothing extreme, there are lower paid jobs that are more stressful. But I'm not sure if I'm… happy.”

“Same position as you bro,” wrote another user. “It's tough because I don't want to quit a job and it turn out to be a huge mistake, but on the other hand this is not now I want to live. Best advice I can think of is just to spend some time alone and be honest with what you want out of life.”

Making Money From What You Love

But what about making money? If you do want to consider that for the future, start looking into what you love and trying to build something off of that. Or as one person commented, “Start profiting from something stupid/unusual. U don’t have to feed anyone’s expectations.”

To specify further, that person then added the following:

“Every hobby can be a moneymaker, they tend to be low-level income though, but if OP puts a few years into it, he can grow it to be a well-paying resource. It doesn't matter how stupid it is.

You wouldn't start your homemade beer business when you have to support a family and your love life expectations.”

Advice For A 26-Year-Old

What about you Men’s Variety fans? What advice would you share with a 26-year-old looking to start his life? Share your thoughts and advice below. You never know, a young man in his 20s may find it and take your words to hard later.