Study Says Nearly Half Of Men’s Beards Have Fecal Matter


Nearly Half Of Men's Beards Have Fecal Matter

Be careful men. Looks like our beards are covered in stuff we’d rather not be in there.

A recent study by Manchester Metropolitan University and Fragrance Direct looked into just what is found in most men’s beard. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on one’s sexual practices, they found that 47% of beards contained fecal matter.

If you’re thinking, “Well, I wash my beard everyday, so I’m not in trouble” or “My beard’s short, so I don’t have to worry,” you’d be very wrong. The study’s results also found that many beards of differing lengths and cleanliness still contained particles of feces. Gross!

The researchers found the microorganism “Enterococcus spp” in almost half the beards of their subjects. This was after most of the men said they cleaned their beards daily. (Of course, that could have been a lie).

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A spokesperson for Fragrance Direct said:

“Caring for your beard is essential for its health, helping it stay fresh to keep the bacteria at bay.”

“Everyone knows to shampoo their hair, but beards need some attention too. Men should use beard shampoo when they shower, along with conditioner afterwards.

“Between washes, beard serum can be used to keep it in good condition and the keep hair soft and well-groomed.”

But being cleanly is not the only concern with this new development. We just shared earlier today that there’s a rise in a fecal related STI (link above). Having our beards full of poop is not a great way to avoid contracting that infection.

If you guys don’t want to have your scruff full of poo and your bodies infected with all kinds of diseases (the STI thing is just the start of potential risks), then we all have to take better care of our bodies and ourselves.

Before it’s too late.

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