10 Pisces Moon Sign Personality Traits Revealed!

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Chris Pine is a Virgo Sun Sign with a Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon Signs Traits Revealed

Are you a Pisces moon sign person? If so, this article is for you because I am going to give you the rundown on 10 critical personality traits. Here's the key thing to know.  Most of us probably have a pretty good idea of what our Sun Sign is, and what kind of personality traits characterize people born under that sign.

However, Sun Sign is only one part of the complex puzzle when it comes to understanding our Astrological chart. Another important part of our Astrological chart is what constellation the moon was in at the time of our birth.

Your moon sign is a bit more difficult to determine, as the moon only stays in each sign for about two days at a time, and there is no consistent rule of thumb for everyone born on the same date each year.

Nevertheless, there are many tools available to help you determine your moons sign. Why not try this free tool.

The moon is linked with the rise and fall of the tide, and our moon sign can tell us a lot about the emotional energies that swell within us.

It can tell us about our instinctive reactions to certain things, and why certain things pull at our heartstrings or push our buttons.

If you are lucky enough to have been born at a time that the moon was passing through Pisces, here are ten personality traits that you might expect to possess.

1. You are generous and giving

You are always warm and generous with your time and resources.

You firmly believe that in a world in which you can be anything, it is important to choose to be kind. You never brag about the good deeds that you have done, as you don’t see them as special, but as the way the world should be.

While many people say you get what you give, and therefore are generous in the expectation that this will be paid forward to them in some way at some time, for you, the act of giving and helping is truly sufficient in and of itself.

The feeling that you get from knowing that you have made someone else’s life easier, or simply put a smile on their face, is all the reward that you need.

2. You are in touch with your own emotions and empathetic

You are very much in touch with your own emotions. You are very good at identifying which of your emotions is rumbling away most strongly, the reason why you are feeling this way, and how this feeling is probably affecting you thinking and acting.

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This deep understanding of your own emotions means that you are better able to identify and understand emotions in others.

You are a great person to speak to about problems as you genuinely understand how the other person feels, and understand that what they really need is for someone to listen, and not tell them what they should be doing differently.

You are good at understanding when someone’s actions are the result of them suffering through a difficult time, and therefore able to forgive. This trait is particularly true of the Pisces man.

3. You tend to be too trusting

Despite your ability to empathize with the emotions of others, this does not mean that you are a human lie detector! You always like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and never pre-judge people based on their outward appearance of what other people have said.

This has allowed you to form some fast, if unexpected, friendships.

However, on the negative side, this same trait means that you can tend to be too trusting. Combine this with your generous nature, and you may find people taking advantage of your good nature.

It may be something relatively harmless a friend who always asks a favor from you but will never return it, or it could get much more serious.

4. You tend to take on too much

When you need something done, your friends and colleagues probably often ask you, as they know that if you say that you are going to do something, you will do it.

You are the responsible one. However, your innate desire to take your responsibilities seriously often goes too far.

You are also the type of person who is likely to take responsibility when it is not yours to take. You always think that you should have done more, or decide that a problem is yours to solve, when in reality it belongs to another. This can be extremely stressful, as you simply lack the ability to put responsibilities down.

5. You have an innate urge to escape

While you are not the type of person to walk away from your responsibilities, underneath all of that reliability, you have an innate urge to escape.

You are always thinking ‘what if’, and ‘wouldn’t it be great if’, and feel the pull of other possibilities.

This often manifests in a love of travel, but also a love of reading, which is another way in which you escape from the day to day and find yourself experiencing the world from an entirely new perspective.

6. You are bad at recharging

Despite your love of travel, you are very bad at taking time off and recharging.

When you plan a trip, it is far from relaxing as you pack in everything that is possible so that you don’t miss anything, while keeping one eye on the phone to make sure everything does not fall apart while you are away.

However, taking time out and recharging is extremely important to you, because you take on so much and do not always realise the cumulative toll that all the little things have.

You often need to be forced to take a break, but when you do, you come back stronger and better than ever.

7. You are a romantic

You believe in true love. You know that it is not always easy, but you believe that you can find a life with true passion and should not settle for anything less. This means that you can tend to go through a lot of relationships while looking for the right partner.

Pisces fall in love hard and fast thinking that they are the one, but when things start to stabilize and become ‘normal’, you can be worried that you have lost the spark and move on too soon.

8. You are imaginative

You have a vivid imagination, and can see possibilities that many others just can’t imagine. This means that you are the one always coming up with strange and wonderful ways to do things, which might just work, and will certainly be an experience.

You are good at getting started when it comes to new ideas, but not always so good at following through.

This is not because of a lack of drive and commitment, but rather because the next big idea has already come along and taken you on a new path.

9. You don’t always live in the real world

Your imaginary world is as vivid as the real world. While this is a boon, it can also be a curse, as sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. This is a particularly hard truth for the Pisces moon sign.

This can be a problem if you have a tendency to overthink situations and map out the likely next steps before they have even happened.

For example, if you are worried that your partner is planning to break up with you, and you have already worked through what will happen in your head a million times, then the emotions of hurt and betrayal that these thoughts caused are real and will taint your real interactions as well.

10. You crave professional success

While you may not seem overtly occupied with success and recognition, scratch the surface just a little and you are a very ambitious person indeed.

While you are not obsessed with money, you appreciate the comfort and opportunities that money can offer.

You are also a natural leader, but this is because you know where power truly lies. An example can be found in Chris Pine. He is a born under the Virgo sun sign but his moon is in Pisces.

You know that just because you have the title of leader does not mean that you are in charge. You are good at identifying where real power lies and taking it.

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Combing what your Sun Sign can tell you about your innate character traits, and what your Moon Sign can tell you about your innate emotional tendencies, can give you a clear insight into your natural tendencies that either give you strength, or see you repeating the same mistakes over and over.

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