Straight Men Share Secrets For Better Smelling Peens!

shirtless, muscular man taking a shower in modern bathroom

Coconut oil supposedly does wonders!

Have you ever wondered how your junk smells?  No?  Well, apparently straight do! And there's a secret guide on how to make their sausages smell better!

Recently, we stumbled across an article in Ask Men that tackled the ins and outs of of peen stank with suggestions for better hygiene.

Seriously?  Adult men really need advice on how to clean their wangs?  C’mon guys, ever heard of soap and water?  It’s hard to believe, but some of us actually wash below the waist.  On purpose.  Every day.

Reading this article made me question just how much do straight guys know about proper hygiene?  A majority of my female friends have told me over the years that they’ve had to “train” their man how to bathe appropriately. I'm not kidding.

One went so far as to tell me that every time she attempted to give her husband a BJ, all she could smell was poop.  The man was too lazy to clean his own butt!

When she finally realized that her keen sense of smell was working against her, she led him to the shower for a proper cleaning demonstration.

hot guy in shower

Guys, clean your arse before you let anyone even close to the nether regions.  Is there anything more off-putting than heading down south to bob for apples (read between the lines) only to be greeted by a giant cloud of STANK?!

Speaking only for myself, all I can say is  YUCK!

While the article offers some sage medical (get tested for STI’s) and dietary (eat like crap, smell like crap) advice, it also makes some interesting recommendations.  One such suggestion is to rub coconut oil on your weenie.

It’s not news to many of us that coconut oil does wonders for the skin, but I can’t help but wonder if the smell of coconuts is a turn off?

straight guys
Coconut oil is amazing baby!

I mean, I’m not looking for 3-day old man scent when I get down there, but I'm also not looking to take in the scent of Hawaiian Tropic!

Perhaps the time has come for all of us to do our part and lend a helping hand to our straight brothers out there by teaching them that no one likes a funky phallus.  After all, a clean penis is a happy penis! It's called soap and water boys!

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