Can Smoking Pot Make a Straight Guy Go Gay?

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Smoking Pot Make a Straight Guy Go Gay?

One of the biggest myths (fantasies) many gays in our community buy into is that smoking pot with a straight buddy can temporarily make him “go gay”.

Part of what makes the fantasy so attractive are titillating reports of “straight guys” who claim to be strangely attracted to other men after taking a few tokes of 420.

It's like someone waved a rainbow pot-wand in front of them and suddenly – abracadabra – they are popping wood for dudes instead of chicks.

But is this really just an erotic urban legend or is there something more going on?

Well, to date there has been no credible, scientific, peer reviewed research that suggests inhalation and absorption of cannabis into the human body has a transformative effect on sexual orientation.

What does exist are plenty of academic and governmental studies that suggest pot does temporarily impact decision making in people.

Somefolks call this impaired judgement. Others refer to it as a different state of awareness. Here at the blog, we call this phenomenon … being high.

Whatever you choose as a descriptor is your call but we do know this … marijuana can and does influence how we experience a given moment.

Toa lesser or greater degree, it also impacts decisions making.

So why is it so easy for some of us to believe that men who identify as straight can easily “flip” over to the gay side after smoking pot?

Well, some of it has to do with Internet reports from anonymous people who claim it happened to them. Is this just gay fantasy speak or are the reports true?

It certainly makes one wonder.

The other aspect of this however relates to power and control fantasies – to obtain that which is usually off limits.

How many of us have had fantasies of “getting that straight guy” into our beds? And what about the countless adult videos that all of us have seen, visually telling the tale of the hot  jock, who after getting high (or drunk), decides to unzip his jeans and let his gay buddy do his thing.

Sound familiar?

But here is the deal – human sexuality is a lot more complicated than “gay or straight”. The truth is, there are men who traditionally identify as straight but for whatever reason, find themselves attracted to others of the same sex.

This means that under the right circumstances, straight men can develop an attraction to other guys just as some gay men can develop an attraction to women.

It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

Not long ago, we’ve seen credible research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that suggests more and more, men and women are beginning to identify as bisexual or “pan-sexual” rather than the traditional standbys of gay or straight.

So what’s up with these changes?

Well, it is hard to be sure but much of this may have to do with large cultural shifts happening around the world in how people view human sexuality.

Certainly here in the United States, being gay is no longer that big of a deal. In fact, it's kind of a yawn.

How many of us have had fantasies of “getting that straight guy” into our beds?

When you peel away the layers of the pot smoking straight guy fantasy who suddenly goes gay … you'll find a little bit of internalized homophobia at its core.

You see, the underlying message here is that being straight is the “norm” and being gay is not. By “getting” that straight guy, we normalize ourselves.

Isn't that kind of messed up?

And what if the situation were reversed. What if a gay guy smoked some pot and temporarily “went straight?” Not quite as an attractive fantasy, is it?

And herein lies our point. “Straight” guys who claim they went gay – even just for a short while – after taking a hit of pot –  really weren’t straight at all.

Well, that is our thoughts at least. What are yours? Be sure to vote in the poll.

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