Harry Styles’s New Song Is A Bisexual Anthem

Style’s News Song is A Bisexual Confession

Did Harry Styles come out as gay?

It seems that is a question that we’ve been asking a lot in the past week or so. First there was actor Lee Pace coming out after being surprised by a question in an interview. Then there was former Glee star Kevin McHale whose Instagram picture left people wondering if he was dating a man.

Now, One Direction and solo singer Harry Styles left some breadcrumbs making everyone believe the singer is openly discussing his sexuality.

During his last concert in Paris, Styles sang the song Medicine, which sadly didn’t make the cut for his solo debut album. What’s making people write articles and posts like this is the fact that the lyrics suggest Styles is into men and women.

The lyrics, as shared by Genius, go as follows:

“Here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Treat you like a gentleman

Treat you like a gentleman
Give me that adrenaline, that adrenaline
Think I’m gonna stick with you
Here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Rest it on your fingertips
Up to your mouth, feeling it out
Feeling it out”

The second verse also goes:

“Tingle running through my blood, fingers to my toes
Tingle running through my bones
The boys and the girls are here
I mess ’round a bit
And I’m okay with it
The boys and girls are here
I’m messing ’round with them
And I’m okay with it.”

In the past, Harry Styles has shared that he didn’t want to label himself. On top of that, “Medicine” was deliberately left out of the final album, so either Styles or his record label could have thought it better to keep the topic of his sexuality up to rumors and mystery.

That said, the fact that Styles sang the song on stage shows that he’s willing to at least allude to liking both men and women, and that’s good enough for us.