Thor Stephens, Owner of LA Bar Precinct, Died At 46

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Thor Stephens Died At 46

One of LA’s most popular gay bars lost its owner.

Thor Stephens was the co-owner of Downtown LA’s Precinct bar. But as reported by Hornet, Stephens has sadly passed away.

In 2015, Thor Stephens opened up the Precinct with his husband Brain McIntire. The two had decided to open up the LA gay bar, which became the first one to do so in two decades.

They had found a spot for the location on the second floor of a two-story building on the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway in the Historic Core. They were thrilled.

From there, they decided to name the bar The Precinct after the building’s history. (The building used to be a Department of Corrections facility).

Then, the two happily opened the bar just a few weeks after the Supreme Court ruling that legalized marriage equality across the United States of America.

This then started a trend of new gay bars opening up in the LA Downtown area. Soon, the Precinct had company with Bar Mattachine and Redline opening nearby.

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The death of Thor Stephens has been followed by many somber messages on social media. Several patrons, performers, and friends have shared their condolences with husband Brian McIntire as well as the gay community mourning his loss.

You can read some of the goodbyes they sent Stephens down below.

Rest In Peace, Thor Stephens. He will be missed.

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