Worried You’re Not Motivated To Work? These 4 Tips Will Help

Staying Motivated

Feeling yourself in a work rut? Need some advice on how to stay motivated with work? Look no further!

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. And at the same time, there’s a lot of nothing going on in our individual lives. It can all be very hard to balance out. And then, you have to factor in work too.

Some aren’t working right now after being fired or furloughed. Many are working remotely and find themselves working less than they could before. And many of us are feeling bad for not working as much as we could. If you are one of those people, here are a few suggestions for how to fight that lethargic yet listless feeling.

1. Take A Break

First and foremost, give yourself time not to work. Ironic, we know. Take a break to breathe and realize that we as humans are not defined by solely our work. We have lives outside of that and that’s ok!

Again, there’s a lot of stuff happening around in the world. There’s a global pandemic happening, protests against police brutality and in support of Black people being able to breathe and live, a growing economy decline, and more. That’s a lot. If you aren’t in the mental or emotional space to work, THAT’s OK. Frankly, who is?

2. Work Outside A Café

If you feel you MUST get some work done but don’t feel happy doing it in your home, that’s ok. There ARE some other options for you. First, go work outside a café. As businesses open up again, whether you think that’s a good idea or not, there's now an opportunity for remote work outside your home. While you probably can’t work inside a café, you could possibly work at an outside table. Sometimes, they'll be close enough to the building for you to use the business's wifi!

Get close to the feel of working at a coffee house WITHOUT actually working inside.

3. Work Away From Wifi

Or, get away from wifi and the internet entirely. Go hang out at a park nearby and work from a park bench. This way, you can work without the temptation of going on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll have a much clearer head if you can feel the natural wind against your skin and without the urge to search random stuff on Google.

4. Co-Work

Or possibly, try co-working. If you want to get some positive/social energy from a friend, consider doing that by co-working with them. You two can meet at one of your houses or out in a park and get some work done together. You might not even need to meet in person. Instead, get a Zoom call up and work through your cameras. Whatever works!

Working In 2020

Working in 2020 is a lot. It comes with a lot of push and pull. Our energy levels are already low and we’re not getting all the social/positive energy boosters we used to get. If you feel like this, consider one of the solutions above.

But remember always, you should not think badly of yourself for not being totally happy with how life is going right now. In fact, almost NO ONE is happy with how 2020 has gone so far. But, this isn’t the end. Push through, breathe, and try again.

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