30 Things Men Should Do Before Turning 30

Everywhere you look, you can find a list of 30 things women should do before turning 30. But what about the men? Well, here’s a list of 30 things men should do before turning 30.

1. Go Camping

At least once in their lives before turning the big 3.O. men should spend a day and night in the woods. This can foster some essential skills and mindsets that men should carry to their everyday lives.

2. Take A Solo Trip

On top of that, all people should have the confidence to travel by themselves. There’s a lot to see, so go see it!

3. Live In A Different City

Even better, spend a prolonged time somewhere new. Don’t stay in the same town you were born. Go out and live somewhere new.

4. Travel To A Place Where You Don’t Know The Language

Bonus points if you travel (and maybe stay) in a place where you don’t know the language. It will be crazy at first, but you’ll be better for it.

5. Learn a New Language

Then after that, consider learning a new language. You’ll impress others and yourself.

6. Ask For A Raise/Change Your Job

Once you’re done traveling, time to get your finances in check. Ask your boss for a raise. If they say no, feel free to work somewhere else.

7. Start A Business

Or maybe start your own business. You’ll end up learning a lot from the experience.

8. Become Financially Stable

Ultimately, you want to become financially stable. Create an emergency fund and build up a financial legacy.

9. Pay Off Debts

To get stable though, you’ll need to budget and pay off debts. Slow and steady, folks.

10. Start Investing

A great way to create a financial legacy is to invest. Put money in somewhere and let it sit. Hopefully, it’ll build overtime.

11. Make A Reading List

But enough about money. What about your lifestyle and mind? In terms of the latter, it’s a great idea to create a list of books that you want to read. Then, read them!

12. Take A Class

Or, maybe take a class. If there’s a skill you always wanted to learn, why not have someone more skilled teach it to you?!

13. Learn To Cook

One skill we should all have is the ability to cook. You don’t have to be as good as a professional chef. But, you shouldn’t be ordering out every other day either.

14. Learn To Drive

Depending on where you live, this might not be as important. But the modern man should at least know how to drive by 30.

15. Give To Charity

But once you’ve bettered yourself, you should also better the world. Give to a charity. It can also count as a tax write-off.

16. Become More Politically Aware

Once you start giving, you might realize there’s a lot going on in the world around you. Get involved with it and see how politics affect every part of your life.

17. Join A Community/Political Organization

Once you realize the effect of politics, you can then get engaged with it. Join a community group and create REAL change.

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18. With Your Taste For Alcohol

You should know that you’re never too old to experiment. For instance, you should experiment with your taste in alcohol as you get older. Try getting something from the top shelf. You’re worth it.

19. Experiment With Your Look

Or maybe you should experiment with the way you look. Try to grow a beard. Get a new hairstyle. Try on new clothes. These are just some ways you can experiment with your look.

20. Throw Out Old Clothing/Buy Better Clothing

Speaking of your clothes, maybe it’s time to get rid of that shirt you’ve had since college or that underwear with holes in it. Instead, buy some better quality clothes. Dress to impress, right?

21. Commit to Regular Exercise

On top of that, it’s time to get on top of your body. Nobody’s making your exercise for gym class anymore. But if you want a better quality of life, you should get yourself to the gym anyway.

22. Start Caring About Your Diet

Your body’s getting older dude, it might be time to chill with the binge drinking and constant burgers. It’s time to care about eating right.

23. Fall In Love With Your Naked Body

In addition, it’s time to care about you in general. Start dressing less when you get home and get comfortable with your naked body.

24. Find That One Good Friend (Two, If You’re Lucky)

Then once you’ve started to love yourself and your body, you can start to find others who love you for you. Find the people in the crowd who puts effort into you and appreciates the time you spend together. That’s a true friend.

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25. Contact Your Family More/Ask About Your Family History

But you’re not the only one getting older. Your family members are too, so make sure to cherish them. Call your mom more and ask your family for their history. It will enrich you and your life.

26. Find Out What You Want In A Relationship

Then once you’re ready to fall in love, you should define what you want in a relationship. It’ll help you weed out unnecessary drama.

27. Date Outside Your Type

That said, you may want to experiment a bit before you set definitions. Give yourself time to date outside the box and surprise yourself with what you’ll find.

28. Have Your Heart Broken

Ultimately, you want to get comfortable with the idea of being vulnerable. This may lead to heartbreak, but even that is a wonderful life experience (in the long run).

29. Get A Pet

Once you’ve stabilized yourself and your own life, it might be time to take in someone who’d become dependent on you. Getting a pet is a great way to start.

30. Find A Location That Feels Like “Home”

After traveling the country and the world, it’ll eventually become time for you to find your favorite spots. Find a spot that you can enjoy for the foreseeable future and call that place home. Then you know you’ve set yourself up well for your 30s.

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