Fake News: Two Irish Priests Were Caught In Bed Together

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Fake News: Two Irish Priests Caught In Bed

Turns out that the news of two Irish priests being found in bed together is another case of fake news.

By now, you might have heard the story of two seminarian priests based in Rome being asked to leave and return to their home country of Ireland after being found in bed together.

The story that’s been carried by several news outlets (including a few LGBTQ ones) is that the two men were drinking for the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae. Afterwards, they were discovered in bed together and were immediately sent home.

That said, it looks like this story is untrue. Irish Central and The Irish Catholic both report that this is just another case of fake news.

On top of the news being fake, one seminary who’s name was attached to the story, is saying that he’s suing news outlets who besmirched his name.

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Here’s the thing, sources have told the Irish Catholic that two Irish seminarians were in fact disciplined for excessive alcohol consumption, but “at no time were allegations of sexual impropriety put to the men by the college authorities.”

In addition, it seems that it was untrue that the two priests were immediately sent home. Instead, the two chose to go back to Ireland themselves.

Plus, it seems there was never any official meeting that led to the two priests drinking excessively. That too was just a fabrication from media sources.

As Irish Central reports, both the men have asked the Rector of the Irish College Msgr O’Carroll to issue an official statement to explain the real situation behind the story and to stop the spreading of fake news.

Of course, all of this “It never really happened” talk could just be a cover-up. But, the increasing amount of misinformation going around on the internet lately has us thinking this call of “fake news” is legit.

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