UK Driver In Jail After Running Over A Gay Man

Photo by Karla Car on Unsplash

UK Driver In Jail After Running Over A Gay Man

A UK man is in jail after he used his car to hit and run over a gay man.

Early Sunday morning on March 26, 31-year-old Aaron McDonald got into an argument. McDonald fought with a man as they stood in Manchester’s Gay Village. The two were specifically standing on Bloom Street near the gay venues New York, New York, AXM, and The Eagle.

Allegedly, McDonald kicked the man and yelled out the slur “faggot boy” before storming off to his car. Unbeknownst to the other man, McDonald wasn’t done.

After leaving his parking spot, McDonald drove his car over to where the man and several other pedestrians were walking. McDonald then drove onto the sidewalk and kept going until the man, and subsequently a passing woman, was thrown onto the bonnet. Afterwards, McDonald hit the brakes and then drove over the man.

According to Manchester Evening News, McDonald drove away before parking just a mile away on Oxford Road. From there he walked himself home and drank more alcohol before falling sleep.

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Local police later arrived at McDonald’s home to arrest him and he greeted them without a fight.

“I was driving the car, I was waiting for yous [sic] to turn up, I know what I’ve done it’s my mistake,” McDonald later told police. He also shared that he allegedly “fully intended” to call the police himself if they hadn’t arrived on their own.

In a recent Manchester Crown Court case, McDonald was found guilty of section 18 assault. He’s now sitting in jail and will stay there for 12 years.

Det Cons Matt Cooper, of GMP’s City of Manchester Division, released the following statement about McDonald’s case:

“McDonald’s decision to get in his car despite having been out drinking put the lives of not only the people he targeted in danger, but everyone walking on that street that morning.”

“Getting into a car under the influence of alcohol and with the intention of using it as a weapon is completely unacceptable and he is lucky that he didn’t kill the man he drove into.”

“He will now have to spend the next 12 years living with the consequences of his actions.”

h/t: Manchester Evening News, GayStarNews