11 Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

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Time To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Do you think your personal palace needs a change? Every king deserves a space all to his own. A space to relax, be at peace, and be comfortable without outside forces pushing all its annoyances on him.

But, sometimes that space can get a little stale. If you’ve got dust covered everywhere, books lying on the floor, a beat up old air mattress, and feelings of depression from just staying in there, you might need a change,

Or maybe you’re a millennial/Gen Zer just getting out there on your own. You’ve tossed and turned on that futon for too long and lived with anime/band posters for what seems like centuries.

If you feel like your personal space needs an upgrade, we’ve got some ideas for you. Check below to find 11 ways to upgrade your bedroom, because every king deserves a castle.

A Bed Mattress & Frame

The first and most essential step is to get yourself a real bed mattress and frame.

If you’re a college grad or working professional just out in the world, you may have been laying on a futon or an air mattress for a few months (or, you can say it. Years). If so, it’s time to save up and actually get yourself a real bed. Trust us, your hookups will thank you.

Or maybe, you’re a few years further down the lane. Maybe you’ve had a nice mattress for a while, but its starting to sag. What was once nice is looking a little ragged. Maybe you had one too many hookups on that thing.

If that sounds like you, perhaps it’s time that you upgrade to a bigger bed and frame. Or, maybe you need a more comfortable and stable set. Look around and see what's available.

Re-Position Your Bed

Once you’re sure you have your bed figured out. It might be time to figure out where to put it.

The position of your bed can do a lot for how your room looks and feels. For instance, having it laying on it’s side against the side wall is a very different experience then having it long ways in the center of the back. Or, are you, perhaps, daring enough to plant your bed in the very middle of the room!

Look at your available space and get creative with where you want to sleep in it.

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Once you’re done with the bed, it’s time to think about the walls. Of course, you could always repaint, but there’s also the idea of hanging things on the wall.

You know you’ve moved on from the status of oodles and noodles and cheese sandwiches when you can spend money on putting unnecessary pieces of paper on your walls. But hey, they sure make a room!

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If you’ve moved on to that wall art or poster phase, go out and get some! They’ll definitely upgrade your space.

Picture Frames

But don’t forget frames for your art and posters!

Eventually, you have to move past the college phase of having bare posters tacked to your wall. And you’ll be amazed to see the change a few pictures frames can bring to your room. Talk about an upgrade!


And if pictures with frames aren’t enough for you and your bedroom, consider a tapestry as well. This is another technique from the college dorm playbook, but it’s still a classic.

There are plenty of beautiful, stylish, and cool tapestries out there. Or maybe, see if you have any family-made blankets that would work just as well.

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As for all those books lying around (whether they be old textbooks, comics, naughty books, or whatever else), you should get a bookcase for them.

Honestly, there’s nothing better than getting rid of clutter and freeing up space. Getting furniture that can help with that is a God-send. You’ll be thanking your past self every time you get a new book or folder and have that bookshelf to put it on.

Organize Documents

Going with that, you need to clear up your space! We’re nearing up on spring time, so it’s the time to do some cleaning.

Not only should you sweep your floors and throw out trash, but considering organizing documents found in your bedroom. Put away those old files and merge those important papers that you don’t want to admit are under your bed, in your closet, or in the drawer next to your underwear.

Once you organize your documents, you’ll have a cleaner space and a healthier mind.

Hide Cords

Going with this idea of cleaning to make your space better, you should also worry about all those cords lying around. We are in an age where our electronics make our rooms. They are our entertainment and fill out a lot of our time.

But one unfortunate add-on to these electronic aids and enablers are their cords. Cords are annoying and clutter up any and every room. If you want to free up your room and help it get a better feel, you should find a way to hide or store them. Get a rug to put over the cords or tuck them behind that bookcase and bed. Finding spaces to hide them will make your room that much better.


Did we say rugs? Yes, a rug is a wonderful idea for your space. Whether you have wooden flooring or carpeted mats, rugs are a great idea.

For wood floors, rugs can give the space a different look. A pop of color and a fresh design. Plus, you can get some comfort for your feet against the cold, hard bottom.

As for carpeted floors, you might want a different style to contrast against the browns, white, and greys of most carpeted flooring. The special style of your rug can give a different personality to your bedroom.

Remove Furniture

But maybe you don’t need to add things. Maybe you need to get rid of them. Find your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of your furniture!

Your space is limited, and most of us have a need for material things. But, that need may take up too much of our space! Eventually, our need will change to one of removal.

Once you've gotten yourself a new bed mattress and frame, you have no need for that old futon. Donate it to a young relative or friend. Or, maybe you have an old desk from your college years. Get rid of it.

Getting rid of furniture will free up your space and fill up your wallet, should you decide to sell the stuff.

Add Plants

Lastly, you can always add a plant or two to your room.

For some reason, raising plants is considered a girly act, but we here at men’s variety throw the bird at stupid gender stereotypes. If you want a plant, you men can go and get one.

Adding a plant to your bedroom can not only upgrade it but also upgrade you. Learning the necessary task of raising a living thing will definitely help you later on in life? Consider it as baby/pet training.

Upgrade Your Bedroom

There are plenty of ways that you can upgrade your bedroom. Make your space yours again and make yourself at home within your castle.

Try out any one of these tips and see what works for you. And if you like the end result, make sure to tweet me or men’s variety with pics of your new space.

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