30 Questions To Ask Dad Before It’s Too Late

30 Questions For Dad

“I love you, Dad.” This is a phrase we don’t say enough. With all of the uncertainties going on in the world right now, it might be time to say it. But that’s not all, it might be time to say a lot of things to the man who brought you into this world. If you’re lucky enough to have a talking relationship with your father, indulge in that fact. Because let’s be real, they will not be around forever. And unfortunately, a lot of fathers are passing away right now.

But instead of focusing on the sad side of that, let’s celebrate life. What are some questions about your father’s life that you should ask? What excites him? What memories would he like to share? What information does he need to pass on? It might be time to ask him. To help you get started, here are 30 questions to ask your father before it’s too late, as suggested by Reddit.


1. What would you have asked your father if you could have before he died?

2. Would you be willing to walk <my gf> down the aisle?

3. Is there anything you would have done differently?

4. What can I do to best look after mom (or dad, depending on the family)?

5. What do you consider your best qualities?

6. Is there anything you would have done differently?

7. What do you wish you would have done sooner?

8. What do you regret doing?

9. What would you say to your grandchildren when they're older?

10. What could I have done to have been a better son?

11. What was the toughest challenge as a father?

12. What skills do you wish you’d learned?

13. What skills are you most proud to have?

14. What’s your favorite story (real or fictional)?

15. What’s your favorite book?

16. What was the happiest time in your life?

17. What are the most treasured memories you have with me?

18. What are the most treasured memories you have with the family?

19. What were your most treasured memories from the past year?

20. What more can you tell me about our family tree?

21. Are there any distant relatives I should know about?

22. What was your childhood like?

23. What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

24. How did you meet mom (or dad?)?

25. (If your parents got married) How did you know you wanted to marry her?

26. What was your wedding day like?

27. Would you mind recording yourself or your voice so that I can remember what you looked/sounded like? Maybe even to share it with kids, grandkids, etc?

28. Any financial factors I need to know for the future?

29. Any financial info I need to know for after you’ve passed (it may sound harsh, but this is important).

30. What terms do you have for end-of-life care? (Make sure to have them write it down, sign it, and have it witnessed).

Spend time with your dads before it’s too late.