15 Bro Date Ideas For You and Your New Friend

Friends Date Ideas

We’ve all been there. We meet someone and think they’re pretty cool but don’t know exactly how to hang out with them. The relationship is new and you don’t know what activities will create a great day and memory with them. Well, if you have a new friend you want to hang out with but don’t know what to do, this post is for you. Here’s a starter list for hangouts and “bro dates.”

1. Drinks!

We have to cover the easy stuff first. So, let’s talk about drinks. Whether it’s coffee or beer/cocktails, getting drinks with a friend is the first idea people have. And the reason? It’s easy! Just talking over a drink is effortless and casual. So try it!

2. Food Crawls!

The same could be said for getting food. But, you could have a little more fun with this idea. Talk to your new friend about new places to try out. Make a game of it. Or, consider a food crawl. Get appetizers here, dinner somewhere else, and drinks at a third place.

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3. Playing Ball At A Park

Or, you can get a little physical. Activities are the best way to hang out with someone. Whether it’s for a date or a hangout with friends, activities keep things moving and engaging. Conversations flow easier when you’re playing basketball or kicking a ball. The competition also brings out a natural bond, and/or rivalry, that you might not have experienced otherwise.

4. Rock Climbing

Next on the activity idealist is rock climbing. There’s something fun about scaling up the wall and seeing how far you can go. The challenge of it. And the comradery between you and your new friend will get a boost from this active activity. You might even break a sweat too.

5. Hiking

Now, you’ll REALLY break a sweat from this activity. Especially if you do this during the hotter months. Hiking a lot of benefits to it. It’s a physical activity that will keep you moving, it’s an experience that gets you in nature and appreciating it more, and it’s a good social/team-building experience. If you have a new friend who likes to get physical and likes nature, this might be the perfect hangout idea for you.

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6. A Sports League

Or, maybe he’s s super into sports. If so, consider joining a neighborhood league together. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious or stressful. Find a league built for socialization and casual play. Whether it’s baseball, kickball, basketball, or whatever else, you can have frequent hangouts while you and your friend(s) socialize with others and stay active.

7. A Football/Basketball/Etc. Game

Or, maybe you want to just watch a game. That’s also a great idea. Going to a sports game is a lot of fun. They’re a high-energy spectacle with lots of delicious(ly unhealthy) foods, alcoholic beverages (depending on the venue), and lots of buzzing audience members. You’ll have a fun night/day out with this idea.

8. A Concert

The same can be said about a concert. Instead of watching a game, you can listen to and watch a performance. Feel the vibe of the music and the crowd. Sway with it. And, feel a sense of unison and community. Now add a friend to that. That sounds like a fun time of dancing, singing, and enjoying art.

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9. Poker Night/Gambling

Or maybe you want to get a little competitive and risk some money while you’re at it. If so, a poker/card night might be great. If poker’s not your game of choice, find a gambling option that’s right for you. Of course, you don’t have to gamble and we wouldn’t want to promote it. But if you’re doing it consciously and wisely, this could be a viable option for bonding and friendship.

10. Game Night (Board Games)

Having a game night, in general, is a great idea. Pick a board game that you like and share it with your friend(s). Or, go to a store and pick out a game that you all like. And while you’re at it, buy some snacks and drinks. That way you get the best of many above options, you can have food, drinks, and an activity all in one go.

11. A Video Game

Or maybe you’re more into video games. Consider playing a party game like Mario Party together. Or, try a competitive shooter like Valorant. A mindless farming game like Stardew Valley might be cool. Or, a horror-themed game like Dead By Daylight could do the trick. You don’t even have to be in the same room to enjoy a video game together. So, look up your options and see what feels best.

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12. Paintball

But if you want more of an intense experience, take your friend to play paintball. The competition, the survival aspects, the fear of being shot. All of that leads to an adrenaline-charged good time.

13. A Shooting Range

Or maybe you want something a bit more real. See if there’s a shooting range in your area. Anyone can enjoy these businesses, no matter your thoughts on gun law. You don’t have to own a gun to experience a shooting range and you’d in a safe and regulated space. But if guns are too intense for you, you can try an archery or ax-throwing range too.

14. Watching A Movie/TV Show

Or maybe stick to something a little less scary. Try a movie night. Watch one of your favorite movies or ask your friend if they want to watch one of their favorites. Or, do both! And many friendships have blossomed thanks to Netflix binges and friend watches of shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Just ask your new friend which idea sounds best.

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15. The Gym

Or maybe you want an exercise buddy. That’s a perfect way to get to know somebody. If they’re under the stress of several pounds of weight, it’s hard to hide. You see how they handle pressure (literally), you have someone to socialize with in between reps, and you get a bud looking out for you.

New Friend Dates

No matter what, there are very few ways that you can go wrong with a new friend. Don’t overthink it. Just pick an activity out of this list that sounds fun and go with it. Remember, the key is to have fun and you’re just having fun with someone else. Everything else will fall into place.