How To Become A Sports Fan

Getting Into Sports

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a sports fan? Didn’t grow up in a sports heavy family, so now you’re wondering what it would be like to become a fan? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Getting into sports as an adolescent or an adult can be hard because you feel like you’ve already missed out on so much. But that’s in fact not true. You can jump into any sports fandom at any time of your life. Whether you’re 16 or 62. Here’s five routes to get you started on your journey.

1. Go To A Live Game

One big way you can start getting into a sport is to go to a live game. Now keep in mind, you will probably be lost beyond your mind if you just show up to a game and not know anything about the sport. But at the same time, being lost can be a good thing. That way, you can just fully experience without any bias. Imagine going to a football game out on a fall evening.

You’re wearing layers and brought coffee, tea, or coco to keep you warm. And the people around you are chugging beers and cheering for their favorite team. The atmosphere enough will get you hooked on the sport and fan experience.

2. Watch It At A Bar

But if going to an actual game is a bit too intense for you to start, consider watching a game at a bar. You’ll have almost the same amount of energy going on in a bar that you will have at a stadium.

Plus, the close quarter’s effect creates a sense of comradery and belonging. Even better, the food will probably be cheaper (especially during happy hour games).

3. Host A Viewing Party/Tail Gate

Or dwindling that idea down even further. You could try the group dynamic while having it be a closer to home experience. Ask around and see if you have any friends who are into the sport you want to explore. Invite them over to your place or ask if you can go to theirs.

Then, get together and watch the sport together. Add some chips and dip and you’ve got a party all around your soon to be new favorite sport. You could even up the challenge a bit by hosting a bigger party or tailgate. All of this is to enjoy both the socialization of sporting events as well as the actual sport itself.

4. Read Through Forums/Sports News

But maybe you want to become more knowledgeable about the sport before diving in. If so, consider looking into online spaces where sports fans gather. Look into Reddit forums for specific teams or the general sports subreddit.

Or consider other sports-focused forums on the internet. In addition, you could look into sport news sites to get to know more about the world of sports. The internet is a great tool for sports fans, so don’t be afraid to utilize it.

5. Join A Sports League

Another idea that you could consider is joining a sports league. This is great for your social life, your physical health, and for your appreciation of a sport in general.

By joining a local league, and by this we mean an activity league that focused on having fun and not so much on professionalism, you can enjoy the sport as a hobby. If you get better and more into the sport, you can consider the more professional stuff, but still to the neighborhood stuff for now.

Getting Into Sports

If you’ve ever considered getting into sports, try one or more of the routes above. Hopefully, they can help. And if they do, make sure to come back and let us know down in the comments below.

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