How to Choose a Men’s Shirt Size When Shopping Online

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Choosing the Right Shirt Size

Most men do their retail shopping for clothes online these days. That presents a dilemma for men – how to get the sizes just right? Shopping for men’s shirts online can be so frustrating. Sometimes, even the seller doesn’t know how to advise you on how to pick the right size.

Different styles fit differently but there are a few universal rules on how to pick the right men’s shirt. The best thing to do is try on shirts in a dressing room at a retail store. When that option isn’t available, then you need to take your own measurements.

How to Take Your Own Measurements

A good place to start when determining your shirt size is your own closet. You can take a look at the men’s shirts that you already own. Try to find which shirts fit you the best and take note of their size measurements and style.

The two go hand in hand. A small shirt in the slim style doesn’t have the same measurements as a small shirt in the regular shirt style. In fact, some shirt sizes aren’t the same, even if they’re in the same style. It depends on the brand. So, your closet is only a good point of reference.

The three main measurements that you need are collar size, chest width, and sleeve length.

The collar of a men’s shirt is usually measured in inches. You can take your own measurement with a tape measure. When measuring your neckline, it’s best to wrap the tape measure around the lowest part of your neck. This is where your neck is the widest and this is also where the shirt will naturally come to rest.

It’s best to pick a half size extra for formal button-up shirts to provide more comfort around the neckline. Always round up so your shirt isn’t too tight. In general, go with the two-finger rule. Measure the width of your neck and then try to place two fingers between your neck and the measuring tape. It should be about half an inch.

Next, let’s look at the chest area. When taking measurements for a men’s shirt you should avoid sucking in your gut or trying to puff out your chest. This isn’t a competition, fellas. You’re just going to throw off your own measurements and wind up with a men’s shirt that doesn’t fit your body properly. Just relax and take a straight measurement.

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When measuring your chest, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your chest. This is underneath your armpits and across the chest. Keep your arms relaxed and down by your sides. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. It’s difficult to measure your own chest though. Make it easier by enlisting the help of a friend.

The sleeve length is a measurement that lots of guys get wrong. That’s because they tend to measure from the shoulder to the wrist. In actuality, the true sleeve measurement starts at the base of your neck.

So, measure from the base of your neck, down to the point of your shoulder, and then on to the point of your elbow, and then down to the ball of your wrist. You can take these measurements in sections if you like and just add them up at the end.

Men’s Shirt Styles and How to Properly Size Them

You’ve also got to consider the style or cut of the shirt. Regular fit shirts are sometimes called classic or Dad shirts. These shirts are designed for comfort. They have roomy chest and waist cuts for everyday wear.

Sometimes, regular shirts are just loosely grouped in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. That makes them difficult to size when shopping online. In this case, it’s best to look a bit deeper into the product description to determine the actual measurements.

Slim fit shirts are designed to be a bit tighter. These shirts show off your physique. There’s less material to work with and the sizes are less forgiving. Take special care when selecting a slim fit shirt because it can look terrible if the shirt is too tight or too baggy for your body size.

Father Sons makes some of the best slim fit shirts for men. Not only is the quality exceptional. The company goes above and beyond to make sure that you know the right fit for your build. You can tell them your height and weight and they’ll advise you which shirt size is best.

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Formal shirts require precise measurements because they’re often worn to weddings and other formal occasions. It’s best to have your collar and chest measurements on hand to properly size a formal men’s shirt. You should also take notice of the sleeves and cuffs. Some formal shirts require cufflinks while others have simple buttons.

A good formal shirt takes into account all of your measurements, in which case, you’d visit a tailor and have your measurements taken on site. If you’re ordering a formal shirt online, then be sure to take extra care in measuring yourself. It might be helpful to have a friend do all the measuring for you.

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Additional Measurements to Consider for a Men’s Shirt

You should also take note of the overall length of the shirt. This is an important measurement depending on how you want to wear the shirt. Are you going to tuck it in or leave it untucked? If the lower fringe is straight, then you should naturally tuck the shirt in. If the edges have a rounded seam at the bottom, then you can wear this type of shirt untucked. Just be sure that the overall length of the shirt accommodates your intentions for style.

The sleeve length is important for a men’s shirt, especially if you are wearing a jacket. The shirt sleeve should be no more than a centimeter longer than your jacket sleeve. This way, the sleeve pokes out just enough for a sophisticated look.

The cuff shouldn’t be too tight around the wrist either. It should be wide enough to accommodate a stylish watch or bracelet. The general rule is that you should be able to fit two fingers between your skin and the cuff.

Summing it Up

Here are the main points to keep in mind when trying to find the right men’s shirt online.

  • It’s best to have your own measurements on hand to find a good size for your body.
  • Take notice of the style of men’s shirt. Different styles have different measurements.
  • Don’t distort your measurements. Relax and take an accurate reading.
  • Don’t forget to consider the length of the sleeves and the whole shirt itself.

There’s no need to guess when it comes to finding the right size men’s shirt. You can take your own measurements so that you get it right every time. Shopping for men’s shirts online is much more enjoyable when you’re confident that you’ll get a garment that you’ll enjoy wearing without the hassle of having to go through complicated return policies.

When in doubt, ask the seller for sizing advice. They should be able to give you some guidelines to follow. If the seller is too vague about the sizes of their own garments, then that’s a big red flag. You might want to keep shopping to avoid disappointment.

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