Christian Preacher Blames Hurricane Michael on Democrats


God sent the hurricane as retaliation for Kavanaugh

Did you hear the news? God apparently has listened to the prayers of democrats and is responsible for sending Hurricane Michael into Florida’s panhandle.

Well, that is according to right wing zealot, nut job and so-called Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor. Here’s what he shared on his Twitter account to followers:

“Does anyone else think it's strange that Justice K is sworn in and we have a major hurricane inbound? DS scared? They should be.  Retaliation? Absolutely. We will not be intimidated! Warriors arise, time to go to work!”

As pointed out by LGBTQ Nation, “Taylor is a regular on Christian TV channels – especially Jim Bakker’s “End Times” show where he pitches buckets of dehydrated food so his flock can survive the tribulations – despite the fact that according to the Bible, true believers will already be raptured to heaven and wouldn’t need food.”

What is it about natural disasters that causes right wingers to pop out of the woodwork? Last year, once popular actor Kirk Cameron (bigtime evangelical) took to social media to advise that the devastating storms battering the coasts of America were because God was teaching us lessons.

FYI: According to the Washington Post:

“The remnants of Hurricane Michael continued to batter the Southeast, pummeling states with powerful rain, wind and flooding, even after being downgraded to a tropical storm. Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a “potentially catastrophic” Category 4 storm — the strongest hurricane on record to hit the area — and continued to charge north, wreaking havoc and causing emergencies. Darkness concealed the full extent of the damage left behind, but a second death was reported early Thursday, apparently caused by debris crashing through a mobile home and killing a child inside.”

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