7 Amazing Facts About Colin Wayne That Might Surprise You!

colin wayne facts

Colin Wayne Facts

If you’ve been around the Internet any amount of time, you’ve no doubt seen pictures of fitness model. Colin Wayne. He’s the guy with the shredded bod, tatted arms and dreamy blue-green eyes. No doubt about it, the hunk is hard to miss!

But beyond his extreme attractiveness, what you do you really know about him? Is there more to this man than just beef and brawn? It turns out, the answer is – yes! In fact, we’d say he’s remarkable.

What follows are 7 amazing facts about Colin Wayne that might surprise you. Given his popularity among various audiences, we figured why not?

Along the way, we’ve included several pictures of the guy to give you an idea of his background. At the end of this post, be sure to partake in our Colin Wayne poll.

Let’s jump right in!


Born: August 25, 1989, Huntsville, Alabama

Full Name: Colin Wayne Erwin

Eyes: Aqua-Green Blue

Height: 6’2

Zodiac Sign: Virgo Male

Body Type: Bodybuilder

Shoe Size: 11.5 W (Rumored)

1. Military Veteran

Wayne (he prefers to go by his last name) was a member of the Alabama National Guard. He enlisted in 2006, one month after his seventeenth birthday.

After basic training, was stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. There, he trained to become a military police officer.

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In late 2008, he was deployed to Operation Bright Star in Cairo, Egypt. “Bright Star” is a series of combined and joint training exercises led by United States and Egyptian forces in Egypt.

He served in the Alabama Army National Guard for 7-years.

2. Almost killed in a Mortar Attack

In 2012, Wayne was a Department of Defense contractor for C-RAM: Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar. While he was working out at a gym in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan, a 107-millimeter rocket exploded three-and-half feet from him.

“So I should be dead,” said Wayne, who commented about the incident to a local paper. “Even the medics said they don't know how I'm alive.”

Wayne says he sustained “fairly minimal injuries:” shrapnel in both arms, a piece went through his leg, permanent nerve damage in his back, and tinnitus in his left ear.

colin wayne military pic
Colin Wayne

3. Married with Kiddies

After returning home from Iraq in late 2010, he met his wife, Megan. Like Wayne, she is also a fitness model plus bikini competitor. In June 2011, the couple welcomed their first son, Carsyn, and got married in August 2012.

The duo had another child in November of 2016; Brelin Christine!

4. Fell Into Fitness Modeling on Accident

Wayne, who worked briefly as an Army recruiter after returning home from Afghanistan, was part of a photo shoot in late 2012 with Athens photographer Golden Czermak.

One of the pictures, which were produced for California company Lana's Egg Whites, went super viral on social media. Three or four months later, Wayne’s new Facebook fan page blew up to 50,000 likes!

“I was always told growing up that maybe I should get into modeling, but I didn't have a clue that it would take off the way it did,” he said.

4. He Runs a Steel Company

You might think that Wayne is all about fitness. You might be shocked to know that in truth, he operates a steel company that customizes pieces to customer’s liking.

The name of the organization is Redline Steel. It’s a veteran owned and operated business You can read about the company and its vision on their website.

5. Spare time Family Man

One of the things that makes Wayne so endearing are his values and priorities. When asked what he likes to when not working, he shared with AL.com:

“Spend time with family. Family means everything to me. I went through kind of a, I wouldn't call it a mid-life crisis because I'm not 50, but I was really close to moving to L.A. and it took a wake-up call to realize what's really important is family.”

6. Cool with Gay People

When Waybe first started getting popular, some folks wondered if he was gay or gay friendly. It’s a perfectly natural question for folks to be curious about, particularly when they’re prominent in the public eye.

To his credit, Wayne addressed that question right on during a Facebook chat with fans.

“no I'm not gay or bi and no I don't have a problem with gay people at all, my favorite color is green, and my favorite food is meat lovers pizza from Mellow Mushroom.”

7. Huge Supporter of Military Families

The final point we’d like to make about Wayne, as witnessed through his life’s work, is that the man truly is a supporter of people who serve in the military (present and past) and their families. In fact, he comes from a military family.

colin wayne prison outfit
Colin Wayne Modeling Shot

Final Thoughts

Colin Wayne is so much more than meets the eye. This is a remarkable young man that is so much more than his handsome good looks.

He has a large LGBTQ following; something he certainly knows. But the real attraction to Wayne isn’t about what’s on the outside – it’s what’s in the man’s heart.

We thank Colin Wayne for his service and his ongoing support to all who serve!