10 Surprising Ways Male Models Prevent Wrinkles!

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How Male Models Prevent Wrinkles

Male models have learned that to prevent wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and mouth, they need to do more than just apply sunscreen and moisturizer. In truth, they partake in a series of rituals that help to give them the flawless, glowing skin that so many of us desire.

So what are they doing?

Here at the blog, we’ve done our research and discovered that it is not so much what these guys use for products but instead, what behaviors they avoid. After consulting with a number of top male models and their Skin Rules, Gay Pop Buzz is ready to reveal their secrets.

What follows are 10 ways male models prevent wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead that might surprise you. Some of these may seem obvious while others will make you pause and reflect. Read them all in order to fully absorb their deeper lessons.

Let’s jump right in!


1. They don’t drink through straws

This one may seem a little silly but when you think about it for a moment, it makes sense. When you drink through a straw, you purse your lips together. Over the course of time, this repetitive motion causes creases in your skin. Worse, it breaks down the collagen layer.

Debra Jaliman, MD author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist suggests the occasional use of a straw for a smoothie or protein drink is OK but avoid making it a daily habit.

2. They avoid chewing gum

You may feel a bit disappointed when reading this one because so many of us enjoy the occasional piece of gum. This is particularly true if you use breath freshening gum before going out on a date. The problem, however, is that gum chewing requires major use of the mouth muscles. Why is this bad?

Over the course of time, the repeated motion breaks down collagen around the mouth and cheeks, causing and then fortifying wrinkles on your face. If you are looking for something to freshen your breath of giving your mouth something to do, why not use a natural breath mint instead? Spry makes a great cinnamon product for $11.00-$12.00.

3. They wear quality sunglasses

While many male models wear sunglasses as a fashion statement, they also do it to preserve their faces. Sunglasses help to prevent squinting and the development of a permanent furrow between your eyes. They also protect the most vulnerable area of the face from the damaging effects of solar rays.

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t need to dawn a pair of expensive sunglasses in order to prevent lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Knockaround sells a cool pair of polarized sunglasses for around $30.00.

4. They avoid resting their hands on their face

Do you sometimes rest your face in your hands? Ever cup your hand around your forehead while reading? You wouldn’t be alone. But here’s the thing – propping up your mug with your hands breaks down that collagen we’ve been talking about.

Our research suggests that the very place you place your hands is where you tend to find the wrinkles and creases. When you habitually do this on a regular basis, you jack up the wrinkle factor big time. Now might be a good time to stop.

5. They enlarge the fonts on their smartphones

You may be thinking this one is silly but we’d ask that you think about this for a moment. Do you squint a little when you check out messages on your phone? How about when you are chatting with someone on an app or flirting with a guy? Took you a minute to figure this one out, didn’t it?

Male models have learned that by enlarging the font size on they are less likely to squint and glare. Oh, and they also turn down the brightness on their electronic devices to keep the squint factor down. This same suggestion applies to smart-watches and pads.

6. They cleanse their face instead of washing it

The old adage goes that washing your several times a day is a good thing, right? We’re here to tell you that in fact – it’s wrong. The reality is that your face needs its natural oils to keep it looking supple and full. And while overly oily skin can be problematic for some guys, that’s not the reality for most.

Male models know that in order to prevent wrinkles, it is better to cleanse their faces with a simple product as opposed to washing it. Cleansing leaves the collagen barrier intact while removing debris and excess oil. And what do many of these men use? Dermatologist recommended Cetaphil ($20.00).

7. They sleep on their backs

We acknowledge this one is easier said than done – particularly if you have spent most of your life sleeping on your side. The reason male models have trained themselves to sleep on their backs is because they know it prevents wrinkles.

When you sleep on your side, you are most likely propping your cheek up against your shoulder or hand. Even if you are not, your face is touching the pillow. Either way, you are either stretching or scrunching your face up in a way that causes creases. Ever wake up with a huge line on your cheek or forehead? Now you know why.

8. They occasionally eat dark chocolate

Does this one sound crazy – perhaps even untrue? Well, according to several male models we’ve talked to, they swear that dark chocolate is good for the skin. We decided to do a research and it turns out that when ingested occasionally, there are benefits to be realized.

A quick glance at the science tells us that eating dark chocolate helps to protect people from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. This form of photoprotection only works if the chocolate is dark. No other forms appear to work. While this isn’t an excuse to go hog wild with Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares ($15-$16.00), it may help you feel less guilty when you scarf one down.

9. They drink filtered water

Whenever you see a male model drinking water, it’s usually part of some photo-spread for a company peddling bottled H20. But just because that’s what you see in print doesn’t mean that is what the model drinks in real life.

Most male models drink water from the tap but (and this is a big but) they make sure it is filtered in some way. Filtered water removes impurities and leaves in the good stuff, like minerals. Probably the easiest way to get your water filtered is to pick up a Brita Water Filter ($20-$25.00).

10. They drink chamomile tea

The use of tea as a natural way to promote and maintain wellness has been going on for centuries. Male models have picked up on this and embraced the practice wholeheartedly. So what kind of tea are they drinking?

It turns out, chamomile tea by far is one of their favorites. Chamomile tea is clinically known to prevent dryness and promote even skin tone. There’s even some evidence that the flavonoids in chamomile tea help to reduce skin inflammation. You can pick up this type of tea almost anywhere. We are fond of Yogi’s Chamomile brand ($19.00-$20.00)